Custom Dual Wound Extreme Duty Motor
Imagine the flexibility of being able to run a fan at lower speeds to reduce power consumption when airflow requirements are lower, yet still maintaining the option to run at full speed for maximum performance – all without requiring the capital and operating expense associated with a typical variable speed drive.

Clemcorp have developed a ‘two motors in one’ solution with a range of dual speed axial fans designed to run at either asynchronous 4-pole 1485RPM or 6-Pole 985 RPM speeds. Simple, Rugged and Built for Mining dual speed fans have the potential to deliver massive power savings for your operation.

Key Feature
Single or Multiple Stage Configuration
Two Individual Motor Windings 4-Pole 1485RPM and 6-Pole 985RPM
Exclusive Custom Wound Clemcorp/Teco Motor Specification
Based on standard components with retrofit options for most existing fan units
33% reduction in speed results in a 70% reduction in power consumption

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