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Double closure of disputes on the Adriatic docks

Two disputes which for some time had committed as many Adriatic Port System Authorities were concluded today at the same time.

The thorniest case, which reached the second degree of judgment, was the one that opposed Micoperi to the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea regarding the procedure, as a result of which the body in 2019 had assigned an area to Walter Tosto up to that point. moment assent to the Ravenna-based company.

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Compensating the expenses downstream of an articulated sentence, the judges rejected Micoperi’s appeal and therefore validated the work of the ADSP that had awarded Walter Tosto.

Instead, it was the Tar of Bari that closed a dispute between the port company Istop Spamata and the Adsp of the Southern Adriatic Sea.

The subject of the dispute in this case was a partial authorization to operate in the port of Barletta, which saw the parties face off in several steps.

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Until, however, a few days ago the Court declared the appeal inadmissible, given the supervening lack of interest of Istop, which at the end of June had obtained a provision from the body “which authorizes all port operations on behalf of third parties and for any type of goods and in particular the operations of loading, unloading, transshipment, handling in general of goods and any type of material until 31.12. 2024 “.

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