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CRIST Shipyard and Baltic ZEV HUB – open on the United Arab Emirates market

Exclusive for eBlue Economy :


The meeting of representatives of the Crist shipyard, Synlift company, and the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster was held at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Warsaw at the beginning of July this year. The host of the meeting was Mr. Ahmed Al-Mansouri, the Second Secretary of the UAE Embassy.

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Crist builds innovative and unique ships for companies building offshore wind farms and land infrastructure – informed Daniel Okruciński, General Director for Sales and Business Development, and presented, among others, Heavy Lift Jack-Up Vessel „Innovation” and the Jack-up Barge „Thor”, and „Vidar”, a vessel for the construction and operation of the offshore market.   OWFCV „Vidar” is used for mounting wind turbines in the North Sea.

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Crist has in his portfolio the “Zourite”, a self-lifting vessel intended for the construction of an offshore highway along the coast of Réunion Island (near Madagascar). An interesting project in Crist’s portfolio is the “Marco Polo” floating dock, which was used to expand the area of the Principality of Monaco – said Okruciński.

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– Crist Shipyard has been awarded a contract for the construction of an innovative vessel for the construction of the seabed. Segments of the longest tunnel in the world on the seabed will be laid. The 18 km long tunnel will connect two towns between Denmark and Germany, said Jacek Milewski, financial director, and member of Crist’s management board.

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Wind and sun for seawater desalination

Crist was invited to produce the unique SYNWATER® / Floating WINDdesal (FWD) system.

– It is a floating wind farm with solar panels, the energy of which is used to desalinate water and seawater and to produce clean water – explained the Dipl.-Ing. Eng. Joachim Kufler, Managing Partner of SYNLIFT Industrial Products (SIP). SIP is the leader of the venture.

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The project is also implemented by Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Prysmian Group, Boll & Kirch Filterbau, AEROVIDE, EMS Maritime Offshore. On the Polish side, the StoGda Ship Design & Engineering office was involved in the project.

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Saline Water Conversion Cooperation (SWCC) and SYNLIFT have signed a framework agreement to cooperate in Saudi Arabia regarding WINDdesal in general with the FWD reference project as a first cooperation activity included.

SWCC is a Saudi governmental institution mandated and entrusted with seawater desalination and the delivery of desalinated water to various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Baltic ZEV Innovation HUB

The HUB for the production of zero-emission ships was established at Crist shipyard. Currently, more electric ferries are being built in the shipyard – said Jacek Milewski, financial director, board member of Crist, Coordinator of the zero-emission ship production hub (Baltic ZEV Innovation HUB).

The first electric ferry is already operating in Finland. The Electra electric ferry built in Gdynia’s CRIST shipyard, commissioned by FinFerries, is the first electric ferry in Finland. The second fully electric ferry is ready to be handed over to operators from Finland.

– The zero-emission vessel production hub of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster can produce complete electric units or units powered by other low-emission fuels, but also energy storage and shore-based power systems – said Marek Grzybowski. Coordinated by CRIST ZEV, the hub is able to produce complete zero-emission ships, and the Green Tech hub (coordinator of the ASE Technology Group) provides systems for their charging from energy storage or bunkering, e.g. with hydrogen or ammonia.

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BSSC Baltic ZEV Innovation HUB supports the ZEV Innovation HUB project carried out jointly by Poland with partners from Norway and Croatia. A large number of companies producing components for zero-emission ships operate in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone or in its immediate vicinity.

Profile photo of Ahmed Almansoori

Mr. Ahmed Al-Mansouri, the Second Secretary of the UAE Embassy, thanked the participants of the meeting for presenting innovative projects and cooperation proposals and informed them that he would present them to interested entities in the United Arab Emirates.

The representatives of the Crist, Synlift, and Baltic Sea and Space Cluster also thanked for the opportunity to present the innovative potential of their companies. Dr. Krystyna Kołodko, attorney-at-law, helped organize the meeting.

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