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It is our immense pleasure to introduce one more initiative by Global Ports Forum, in continuation to our commitment of improving global ports and furthering the interests of ports globally; The Customized Training Solutions for Ports and Terminal organizations across the world.

The world maritime trade has increased by 400% in 4.5 decades. Maritime industry across the world has undergone massive structural reforms during this period, in continuous endeavour to effectively and efficiently cater to the need for transportation of seaborne trade. From general cargo vessels, the ships have changed to specialized cargo specific tonnage and from smaller to larger size vessels for economies of scale. Ports and Terminals infrastructure has undergone simultaneous transformation in line with servicing the requirement of type and size of ships being deployed for the trade.

In present age of information explosion, well informed customers, keep raising service expectations from their logistics and maritime service providers; benchmark of service standards continuously keep rising along with Value Migration by the customers. Disruptive technological advancement has become the order of the day for sustainability in a competitive environment.

Leading Maritime service providers are again trying to adopt integrated approach combining shipping, ports and terminals and hinterland logistics as single point service to get closer to customers; simultaneously adopting technologies like Block-chain. These developments and further advancements in technology, safety and security norms, standards operating procedures are posing a number of challenges to the Managements in Ports and

Terminal Industries. Ports and Terminals need to keep themselves updated with the best practice in master planning; attractive legal, policy, financial and commercial framework; construction and project management; operational norms and performance parameters benchmarking with global standards as well as on-going practice of delivering best value for money to the customers.

Leading Port and Terminal organizations with futuristic vision and foresight, support manpower development by relevant training in order to prepare their own personnel to face challenges caused by high paced transformation and to make the key managers “future – ready”.
The latest launch of Customized Training Solutions by Global Ports Forum is a major initiative to support Training and Development functionaries of leading Ports and Terminals in their endeavours to develop relevant competence through the organization across all the departments.

HOW does it work?
Global Port Forum course directors will assist your HR and Training & Development departments to identify training needs for all departments in your organization. Based on the specific training needs identified, GPF directors will prepare customized training packages covering different subjects. Your training department can request appropriate amendments in the contents of the training package and finalize an annual training plan.

GPF Subject Matter Experts will conduct various training programs as per finalized training plan at locations of your convenience. During last 12 months, GPF have organized 22 workshops and learning events in Singapore, UAE and Europe.

As an example, presently Global Ports Forum offers the following subjects covered by under mentioned subject experts.

Certified Global Port Manager (CGPM) Program Thomas Ng/Mukesh Parikh/Ng Koon Seng  
Executive Program on Global Ports Management – 5 Days Thomas Ng/Mukesh Parikh/Ng Koon Seng  
Executive Program on Global Ports Advanced Management – 10 Days Thomas Ng/Mukesh Parikh/ Ng Koon Seng  
Executive Program on Global Ports Leadership – 5 days Mukesh Parikh/ Thomas Ng/Francis Aurol  
Executive Program for Global Ports CIOs – 5 days Mukesh Parikh/ Thomas Ng/Francis Aurol  
Strategic Planning for Ports & Terminals Law Peng Keat  
Feasibility, Valuation and Financing Port and Terminal Projects – 3 days Mukesh Parikh/Thomas Ng   
Multi-Purpose Terminal Business & Operations Ng Koon Seng  
Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects Mukesh Parikh  
Concession Agreements for Terminals and Ports Mukesh Parikh  
Reefer Container Logistics Ng Koon Seng  
Advanced Shipping Business Subhangshu Dutt  
InterModal Solutions – Value Creation, USP identification & Market Positioning for Ports & Terminals Mukesh Parikh  
Excellence in Negotiating & Managing Contracts Catherine Tay  
Advanced Port Technologies – AGV & Drones in Ports Yap Cheng Hua  
Integrating Port Information for Comprehensive Visibility, Control, Monitoring, Accountability and Results – 3 days Francis Aurol/Thomas Ng  
Use of Technology for Ports & Terminals Yap Cheng Hua  
Master Planning for Ports Infrastructure – 3 days Mukesh Parikh/ Thomas Ng  
Coal Terminals Supply Chain – Trends, Developments and Operations Mukesh Parikh  
Container Terminals Operations and Planning Mukesh Parikh  
Inland Container Depots Operations and Planning Mukesh Parikh  
Global Maritime and Shipping Risks – Threats & Mitigations Olivia Chan  
Trade Finance Fraud & Prevention Olivia Chan  
Dry Bulk Terminals –  Commercial & Operational Excellence Mukesh Parikh  
Sustainable and Green Ports Planning and Operations Mukesh Parikh  
Excel in Developing, Implementing & Managing Service Level Agreements Catherine Tay  
Excellence in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Contracts Catherine Tay  
Excellence in Managing Tenancies / Leases – Landlord and Tenant Obligations in Business Tenancies Catherine Tay  
Port Dredging & Construction GYV Victor  
Port Capacity Planning & Financial Investment Analysis Law Peng Keat  
Cypersecurity for Ports/Terminals David Nordell  
Cruise Development for Destinations IOANNIS BRAS  
Achieving Excellence in Winning Deals & Effective Sales Management Edward LAU  
Excellence in Ports and Terminals Operations* Mukesh Parikh  
Sustainable Port Development and Operations* Mukesh Parikh  
Trade, MacroEcons Policy & Impact on Shipping* Ben Hackett  
Bunkering Ports – Commerical Considerations Soeren Duiver   
  Use and Misuse of Internal Processes in Container Terminal – In Pursuit of Operational Excellence  Francis Aurol    

ADVANTAGE of Customized Training Program
World Class Training in line with your organization Training needs will be available at location(s) of your operations. This would enable you to provide an opportunity for every member of organization in-stead of having to send a few limited members for overseas training programs. Customized Training solutions by GPF; thus saves your time and costs simultaneously ensuring training benefits to maximum members of your organization.  Let us discuss further for practical implementation!

Details of GPF forthcoming executive workshops/forums are available on our website at below link:

Details of GPF PAST executive workshops/forums are available on our website at below link:

Look forward to welcoming you to our executive workshops/program!

Kind regards

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