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Drewry : Container freight rates from Asia are falling again

According to Drewry, their average price between Shanghai and Genoa is $ 5,216, down 19% from last week.

The tariffs for the transport of containers by sea are slipping even lower. In the last week, compared to an average drop of -10% on the eight most traveled routes worldwide (to 4,014 dollars), the heaviest thud is that observed on the Shanghai – Genoa.

On this route, according to Drewry’s findings, the average price for sending a 40 ‘box is now $ 5,216, 19% lower than last week ($ 1,203 less).

Prices of around 5 thousand dollars for China – Italy shipments had already been observed last week, and it is therefore possible that the average value now postponed by the company analysis in this new report still does not reflect further recent slumps. Shipping Italy reported

It should also be noted that, taking these rates as valid (or better, updated), at present it would be more convenient to ship boxes from the Far East to the Mediterranean than to Northern Europe. Drewry: Container Shipping Customer Service Deteriorating

According to Drewry’s report, the cost of a shipment from Shanghai to Rotterdam is now equal to $ 5,441 (down 10% on last week’s 6,027), therefore higher by $ 225 than that of a shipment from the Chinese port to Genoa.

Looking at the report, it is also noted that the other important drops also concern the export routes from Shanghai.

Shipping from China to Italy: Air, Sea & Rail Freight | Rates and Transit times | 2022 - Sino Shipping

The cost of 40 ‘container shipments to Los Angeles now averages $ 3,283 (down 13%), while that to New York drops 5% to $ 7,278.

The rates for sending boxes on Rotterdam – Shanghai (1,003 dollars), on New York – Rotterdam (1,252 dollars) and on Los Angeles – Shanghai ( $ 1,282).

The only one to catch up is the transatlantic route from Rotterdam to New York, whose costs in the last week have grown by an average of 4% to 7,038 dollars.

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