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eBlue_economy_A new container terminal starts in Augusta
eBlue_economy_A new container terminal starts in Augusta

A new container terminal starts in Port of Augusta

The delivery ceremony for the construction of the new container quay terminal was held at the Augusta registered office of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Sicily Sea. Various local authorities and institutions attended the ceremony

“The planned intervention, which will last 1,200 days and cost 175 million euros gross of the discount, provides for the expansion of the existing aprons within the commercial port of Augusta, through the construction of a new terminal container in the area located below the Syracuse-Catania railway line, north of the existing docks ”explains the Sicilian port authority.
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“At the end of the works, the new terminal will consist of three operational docks, for the total development of about 600 meters and preparation of the structures for the installation of suitable cranes for unloading and a yard, with capacities of 4 tons per square meter, with an extension of about 115,000 square meters “.
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President of the port authority, Francesca Di Sarcina, explained that “the delivery of the works of the new container terminal in Augusta, together with the restoration works of the new dock in the port of Catania, constitutes a milestone for our institution which plans to several more in the next few years.
The ports do not stop and whoever has the task of governing and managing them must keep up with the times and the needs of operators, the market, and the territory “
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