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New first MSC ferry for Grandi Navi Veloci

The technical characteristics will be slightly different from the new ships built for Moby. Who in the meantime has renamed the ex Princess Anastasia Moby Orli

During the weekend just ended, precisely on Saturday 26 November, the Guangzhou Shipbuilding International shipyard controlled by China State Shipbuilding Corporation started the construction of the first ro-ro passenger ship with 1,500 passengers and 3,100 linear meters of garage (hull number 21110001) for Mediterranean Shipping Group (MSC). The ro-pax unit in question will then be employed by Grandi Navi Veloci in Italy and in the Mediterranean.

The order dates back to November 2021 and provides for the construction of two (plus two more as an option) low environmental impact ferries with a length of 218 meters, a width of 29.6 meters and a maximum speed of 25 knots.

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There will be 299 cabins on board, the public area is approximately 5,000 square meters and can accommodate up to 1,500 passengers as mentioned.

The first two newbuildings will be equipped with scrubbers while the next two ro-pax units will be dual fuel LNG.

The four vessels all meet the International Maritime Organization’s Tier III emission requirements and the Energy Efficiency Exiting  ship Index (EEXI) meets the latest International Maritime Organization Phase CII requirements, thus significantly reducing carbon consumption and emissions and promoting the ecological development of shipping.

In addition, the ship has fully taken into account the prevention and control needs of the new corona pneumonia epidemic on board. She is the first Chinese-built luxury ro-ro passenger vessel to meet the “BIOSAFE (Biosafety Ship Class)” classification symbol. She is equipped with a special isolation control area.

The ability to effectively manage and control epidemic emergencies on board and play a role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases is another strength of the construction of luxury ro-ro passenger ships in the current period of normalization of prevention and of new crown pneumonia global epidemic control

The “BIOSAFE” classification symbol is an additional classification symbol added by the Italian Naval Registry to comply with the trend towards normalization of global epidemic prevention and control.

Obtaining this classification symbol means that the vessel has a higher standard than the mandatory one for the prevention and control of infectious diseases on board. ability to spread infection.

To date, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International has the largest delivery record of luxury ro-ro passenger shipbuilding in China and the largest order on hand in the world. This is a real “hands-off” in the field of building luxury ro-ro passenger ships in my country.

The first two ro-pax units for Moby, renamed Moby Fantasy (to be delivered early 2023) and Moby Legacy, are under construction at the same shipyard.

Unlike those of MSC, they will have 237 meters in length, 32 in width, a gross tonnage of 69,500 tons, up to 2,500 passengers and over 3,800 linear meters of garage (to carry up to 1,300 cars or 300 trucks.

Still on the subject of Moby, lastly, the news of a few days ago was the fact that the ferry Princess Anastasia (returned to Italy from Russia last June) at the Palumbo shipyard in Messina was refurbished, repainted and renamed Mobi Orli. On which route it will be used in the next year by the ‘blue whale’ is not yet known.

GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) was founded in 1992 and is one of the main Italian shipping companies operating in the passenger transport sector in the Mediterranean Sea.

Source : Shipping Italy

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