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Cnv renews the Libyan patrol boat P201 (at the expense of the Italian state)

Everything as scheduled in the tender for the assignment of the refitting and modernization activities of the P201 patrol boat, one of the three units (the other two are the P300 and P301 patrol boats) belonging to the general administration for coastal security of the Libyan state, whose remittance inefficiency, Italy is taking charge following the pact reached with Libya in 2017 to combat illegal immigration.

As expected, the order from the Central Directorate of Immigration and Border Police of the Ministry of the Interior was awarded to Cantiere Navale Vittoria, the same plant that had built the ship in 2010 (as well as the P300 and P301 patrol boats themselves), a unit 28 meters by 6.4 wide, with 155 gross tons, capable of accommodating 10 crew members, which is currently moored in the port of Bizerta, in Tunisia.

CNV, which had also recently dealt with refitting activities of the same three units, again on the basis of contracts from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, obtained the contract with an offer of 830 thousand euros, or the same amount based on the tender ( to which expenses equal to 124 thousand and 190 thousand euros may be added for the exercise of any options and a further 24 thousand euros for legal advertising costs, for a total of approximately 1.17 million euros). Instead, CNV’s proposal envisages a 10% reduction in execution times and a 6-month increase in guarantee times.

Source: Shipping Italy

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