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Claudio Barbaro : Meeting of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum in Egypt is a “strategic event”

Undersecretary of State to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security Claudio Barbaro, stated that the eighth ministerial meeting of the Regional East Mediterranean Gas Fourm (EMGF )to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, is a “strategic date for the future,” according to the Italian news agency Nova.

Barbaro, delegated by Minister Gilberto Picto Frattin to participate in the mission, said, “The date in Cairo with the eighth ministerial meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, the dialogue tool created with the aim of promoting the gas resources discovered in the Levantine Basin, is of strategic importance in order to discuss common policies.” to use the resources in that region.”

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Italy is one of the founding countries of the Forum, an initiative born out of Egypt, together with Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian National Authority for the purpose of discussing joint policies for the use of gas discovered and discovered in the eastern Mediterranean.

France was recently added to the forum’s founding member states as a full member, while the United States, the European Union and the World Bank are part of it as observers.

Overview - EMGF

Barbaro continued, “The important natural gas discoveries that have taken place in recent years in the Eastern Mediterranean region have laid the foundations for new forms of cooperation and for a possible rebalancing of the regional and European energy market, also with the aim of increasing security, diversification and sustainability of supplies.”

Large quantities will be marketable in the coming years, and therefore it is necessary to identify concrete export options in the short, medium and long term.

It is expected that the meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum “EMGF” in Cairo tomorrow will help present the updated status of the activities of the forum, as well as discuss the results of the 27th United Nations Climate Summit and the path of implementing the initiative to decarbonize the region.

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