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Classification Societies : ABS Guides Industry on Shipping Power and Propulsion Decarbonization Technologies

HOUSTON) ABS has published industry-leading guidance evaluating a range of shipboard propulsion and power generation technologies with the potential to contribute to shipping’s sustainability goals.
The ABS Advisory on Decarbonization Applications for Power Generation and Propulsion Systems considers the technological complexity, current application, available fuel options, current regulatory requirements and safety concerns of the main systems that could reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
“Recognizing the overall challenge of the 2050 IMO targets, ABS has developed a series of documents to reference available carbon reduction strategies. This advisory is the latest assistance for shipowners evaluating their power generation and propulsion system options for future fleets. These technologies will be the cornerstone of achieving the industry’s decarbonization ambitions, and this advisory is another example of ABS’ commitment to supporting the industry in reaching 2050 safely,” said Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Director, Global Sustainability.
While GHG impact is a complex issue that encompasses the total emissions generated during the well-to-wake lifecycle, the advisory focuses on the impact from tank-to-wake that is directly linked to the vessel’s power generation and propulsion.
Technologies covered by the advisory include steam and gas turbines, fuel cells, wind, solar and nuclear as well as batteries and super capacitors, carbon capture and internal combustion engines.

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