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Chartwell Launches New Offshore Support Vessel Range

Chartwell Marine (Chartwell), a pioneer of sustainable next-generation naval architecture, is introducing its expanded range of offshore energy support vessel (OESV) designs ahead of Seawork 2022 this month.

The new design range, spanning classes A to D, applies Chartwell’s proven formula of performance and excellence in OESV design to accommodate the growing variety and complexity of offshore energy requirements. Vessels across the new range are already built at yards in Europe and the USA, as the business responds to demand from established and emerging offshore wind markets.

As the offshore wind industry grows and matures, the maritime infrastructure that supports it needs to evolve alongside. Demand for peak operational performance and improved sustainability is greater than ever, with an increasing focus on alternative fuels and emissions reduction technologies to control the sector’s carbon profile.

Chartwell’s new range comprises a series of innovative, optimized designs offering high performance and fuel efficiency as standard, as well as a provable foundation for the integration of advanced technologies and low carbon propulsion solutions, including hybrid and electric as well as BAR FOSS (Foil Optimised Stability System), to address the mounting logistical and sustainability needs of vessel operators and wind farm managers across the industry.

  • Chartwell Ambitious:  Chartwell Marine’s Original Flagship CTV design. Delivered as Hybrid and/or Foiling, these crafts have been widely adopted by leading operators and represent the best in class in cost-effective high performance low emission vessel technology.
  • Chartwell Brevity:   Chartwell’s 27-meter, high-power vessel, is set up for multiple crew configurations with provision for up to 32 industrial personnel.
  • Chartwell Courageous:   a Chartwell 34-metre vessel that can be built to spec for hydrogen, diesel, or electric configurations, with foredeck capacity up to 100m².
  • Chartwell Daughter Craft:   with recently signed orders from North Star Renewables, this customizable platform for Service Offshore Vessel (SOV) support accommodates crew transfer and search and rescue deployments, with capability for zero-emission operations.

Andy Chartwell Marine - Mecal Ltd

Andy Page, Director and Naval Architect at Chartwell Marine, said: “The offshore wind industry isn’t static — wind farms continue to evolve, and the offshore support sector needs to match that diversity and variability.

“There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that can accommodate the scope of these requirements; our developed design range offers vessel operators the boats they need to get the job done right, and wind farm managers the security of a safe, efficient, and built-to-spec marine support infrastructure for their assets.

“This core range is complemented by the BARTech 30 CTV developed in partnership with BAR Technologies to expand the scope of options for the OESV sector. Meanwhile Chartwell’s roster of bespoke projects, such as the remotely operated Zelim Survivor rescue craft, address a broader remit of challenges for the offshore energy sector at large. We’re looking forward to showcasing some of these designs throughout the week at Seawork.”

Dave Quested

On other hand, Chartwell Marine, the cross-industry pioneer of next-generation vessel design, has invested in its team with two senior hires. Dave Quested joins in a Sales and Business Development role, and Rob Sime has been appointed Principal Naval Architect.

Together they will support the commercialization of Chartwell’s advanced vessel designs across the global offshore wind, leisure, and commercial marine sectors

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