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Marine Engineering

Marine : Blue Marine selects SERTICA Fleet Management Software for eight vessels

The European way of maintaining and managing a fleet has arrived in Mexico with yet another shipping company in the…

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News : ABB has secured a contract with Haemin Heavy for Busan Port Authority’s first passenger ferry

ABB has secured a contract with Haemin Heavy Industries shipyard to provide a complete power and propulsion solution for Busan…

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Alexey Fitiskin writes : Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan for a vessel data collection system

By :Alexey Fitiskin One of the most important issues when connecting Marine Digital FOS (fuel optimization system) on a vessel…

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Marine Engineering : Flettner rotors

Often called Flettner rotors after the German innovator who was the first to install such a system on board a…

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Alexey Fitiskin write to “ eBlue Economy” Digital ship: the main technological trend in the shipping Industry

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning optimizing decision-making and safety In Marine Digital we are focusing to stay in close contact…

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Marine Tech : Advanced control systems and data analysis to provide operators with digital solutions

Proserv and Intelligent Plant have shared values around innovation and open, accessible solutions whether that is supplying or upgrading control…

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Yasmin Maldonado write : What Is Marine Engineering

Marine engineering is a close cousin of mechanical engineering and covers a wide spectrum of subjects Nearly three-fourths of this…

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Marine Engineering :Radio Detection and Ranging ( RADAR )

  المبادى الأساسية للرادار Basic Radar Principles تتكون كلمة رادار (RADAR) من الأحرف الأولى للجملى التالية: Radio Detection and Ranging…

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Marine Engineering : TYPES OF BOILERS

What is kind of Boiler ?? and the basic  differences between the different types of boilers   When we think about…

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شيرين الجوهري تكتب حول : معدات التوجيه على متن السفن

   ترجمة : شيرين الجوهري نحن جميعًا على دراية باستخدام الدفة ، مما يساعدنا على دوران السفينة متى وكيف يتم…

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