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ITF : Fair treatment of seafarers and the COVID-19 pandemic on Legal Committee’s agenda

Lim stressed the need to prioritise the well-being of more than 1.6 million seafarers working on board seagoing ships The…

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ITF : Historic victory Biden-Harris and Argentina’s decision to ratify C190

“A Biden-Harris administration will help boost multilateralism and international security and functionality at a time when it is needed most…

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ITF : 200,000 striking Bangladeshi maritime workers win decade-long battle

 Bangladesh Cargo Vessel Owners’ Association operates 5,000 cargo ships along a river system Late last month, over 200,000 ‘naujan’, or…

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ITF : Executive Board statement to members

The ITF reaffirms the critical role transport workers continue to play in keeping the world moving through the Covid-19 pandemic,…

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ITE : A project to ensure seafarers from the Philippines are ‘Covid-free’

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) have launched an enhanced quarantine and testing programme in Manila,…

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ITF : Japanese car ship arrested in Melbourne over crew change

  International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) officials have been involved in stopping a Japanese-owned car import vessel from slipping through…

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ITF : نجحنا فى انزال محمد رمضان من على السفينة Red Sea وعودته الى اسرته بفضل IT|

بعد نشر خبر استغاثة ضابط بحري ثان محمد رمضان وماقيل حول انه مهدد من قبل طاقم السفينة التى يعمل عليها…

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