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ITF : ITF Statement on second postponement of International Bargaining Forum negotiations

Maritime employers in the International Bargaining Forum (IBF) have argued for and secured a second deferral of IBF ‘cost negotiations’…

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ITF : Red flags raised over Goundar ship registered in Fiji 14 metres shorter than in Canada

Fijian passengers and maritime workers may be in life-threatening danger aboard Fiji’s largest ferry fleet. ITF inspectors have received information…

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ITF : Weelcomes Ever Given resolution

The world’s foremost transport worker body is welcoming the end to the crisis affecting the MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000),…

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ITF : Concerns of rise in number of seafarers impacted by crew change due to new COVID-variants

Shipping is concerned that the numbers of seafarers being impacted by the crew change crisis are on the rise due…

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ITF : Fiji police launch Goundar ferries investigation following ITF human trafficking claims

 Transport workers’ unions are welcoming reports that Fijian authorities have launched an investigation into Goundar Shipping’s ongoing abusive treatment of…

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ITF : Crossroads for the OECD

The imminent choice of the next Secretary General of the OECD will be a marker for a more inclusive economic…

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ITF : Fiji government must step in over ferries scam, rights violations

Seafarers have been made homeless and left stranded thousands of kilometres from their loved ones after a major Fijian ferry…

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ITF Abandoned Palmali crew are caught in an inhumane trap that Turkey can release

More than 50 seafarers remain trapped aboard vessels once owned by a Turkish billionaire whose jail and bankruptcy have left…

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ITF : Condemning military coup; solidarity with Burmese seafarers

The military thugs who are ransacking Myanmar’s democracy strike at the heart of our union values and freedoms and we…

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Joint statement from the IUF and the ITF on the adoption of the 2021 Declaration for Sustainable Fisheries

Joint statement from the IUF and the ITF on the adoption of the 2021 Declaration for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture by…

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