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Articles : Christopher Dodunski write : A Fresh Perspective on Ports and Artificial Intelligence

Christopher Dodunski Software Craftsman | MarineBerth Founder | Port Superintendent There seems no end to the plethora of software solutions…

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Articles : Marek Grzybowsk write to “eBlue economy ” Crist will build a wind-powered seawater desalination unit”:

By : MAREK GRZYBOWSKI Polish shipyard Crist participates in a project led by SYNLIFT Industrial Products (SIP). The project is…

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Articles : Gavin Allwright write – Could Wind Propulsion Deployment Fund the Full Decarbonisation of Shipping?

Gavin Allwright Secretary at International Windship Association I am going to make a bold assertion (as a non-financial expert) that…

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شوية سياسة : مجدي صادق يكتب : “الواشنطن بوست” واصطياد “خاشقجي” في مواجهة جيش “النحل”!

اعيد نشر مقالا حول مقتل خاشقجى والذى نشر على موقع صدى البلد فى 24 اكتوبر 2018 بعد ان افرجت الاستخبارات…

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Articles : حسين عبد القادر يكتب : سرقة الحلم فى بحيرة المنزلة

مع  اغلاق فتحات شاطئ البحر المتوسط  المعروفة باسم البواغيز  والتى تعتبر رئة البحيرة ومدها بالمياه النقية والاسماك الفاخرة لتتحول الى…

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Marek Grzybowski write : GALATEA – New Value Chains of the European Blue Economy

During January and February 2021, GALATEA partners have organized several innovation clubs and B2B meetings  to encourage SMEs in proposing…

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Alexey Fitiskin writes : Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan for a vessel data collection system

By :Alexey Fitiskin One of the most important issues when connecting Marine Digital FOS (fuel optimization system) on a vessel…

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Alexey Fitiskin writes : Fuel Optimization System (FOS) allowing a shipping company to reduce fuel consumption

By : Alexey Fitiskin The marine fuel optimization system allows the shipowners to track, measure and display the exact amount…

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Alexey Fitiskin write to “ eBlue Economy” Digital ship: the main technological trend in the shipping Industry

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning optimizing decision-making and safety In Marine Digital we are focusing to stay in close contact…

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Ports : Port of Gdynia with records in 2020 and with advanced investments

Global logistics market was reflected in the increase in cargo supply by 10.7% in the Port of Gdynia in December…

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