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Breaking News : World’s first hydrogen ferry wins Ship of the Year award

The green energy enthusiasts have good news, the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry HYDRA has won the Skipsrevyen’s Ship of the Year award. Norway’s Minister of Transport and Communications Kunt Arild Hareide presented the award onboard MF HYDRA on 8th September in Hjelmeland.

Minister Hareide said that MF HYDRA is a marvelous display of climate-friendly innovation created with the best collaboration of business and authorities. He added that the investment made by the government in green ferries through tender requirements and the Government’s support for alternative fuels and electrification is now bearing fruits. He emphasized the capitalization of green technology lead that Norway has gained to benefit the Norwegian shipyards, suppliers, and shipping companies.

Ny daglig leder i Skipsrevyen - Skipsrevyen.no

Skipsrevyen’s editor-in-chief, Gustav Erik Blaalid shared his positive outlook towards hydrogen and said that with its promising properties, hydrogen has the potential to become an alternative fuel for longer stretch ships. He further said that through MF HYDRA, knowledge has been established and it would be of great worth for the future fleet of zero-emission ships and thereby positively contribute towards the climate.

Torbjorn Bringedal from LMG Marin said that HYDRA is the result of creative and close collaboration between the designer, shipping company, shipyard, and equipment suppliers. HYDRA is equipped with new technology and untraditional solutions that have the potential of scaling up for power-intensive and long-distance ships.

Heidi Wolden, the Chief Executive of Norled said that the title earned by MF HYDRA means a lot to them. Wolden said that they have invested a lot of time and effort in HYDRA and this project is the collective effort of many, and everyone has a share in this recognition.

Construction of world's 1st hydrogen-powered ferry completed - Offshore Energy


Source: https://www.norled.no/en/news/the-appearance-of-the-hydrogen-ferry-begins-to-take-shape/

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