Breaking News : Terry Federer joins All American Marine as business development manager

The owners of All American Marine (AAM) are proud to announce the appointment of Terry Federer as the organization’s Business Development Manager, effective May 10, 2021.
Terry takes over the role from Ron Wille, who was recently appointed as President and COO. Terry recently left his position as Director of Alaska’s Maritime Training Center (AMTC). AMTC is a department of Alaska’s Vocational Technical Education Center (AVTEC) and is a division of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. AMTC is the largest most comprehensive maritime training school in Alaska and one of the leaders in the nation.
AMTC trains and certifies over 1100 mariners annually for employment in the maritime industry. Prior to joining at AAM, Terry has had over a decade of experience operating AAM constructed Teknicraft catamarans in Alaska. In addition, his maritime career also includes experience on research ships, fast ferries, and tugboats.
Terry will also be leaving his captain position at Major Marine Tours (MMT) in Seward, Alaska. MMT has very recently accepted delivery of their first hydrofoil-assisted catamaran designed and built by All American Marine.
Terry’s new role as Business Development Manager at AAM will focus on the continued expansion of All American Marine’s presence in the national and international maritime markets. This expansion and commitment to innovation includes the company currently completing the first hydrogen-powered passenger vessel is the US and expansion of its customer base into US Territories.

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We spoke with Terry about his new role, where AAM stands in the marketplace, and what he’s looking forward to in the future. Check out his responses below!
What do you look forward to most with your new role as Business Development Manager? I am extremely excited to be joining the innovative and passionate All American Marine Team. AAM’s commitment to craftsmanship and product integrity truly makes them the leader in the industry and I look forward to progressing this initiative. My diverse experiences and connections in the maritime industry will enhance business development for AAM.

Terry Federer (Photo: AAM)

My previous business relationship with AAM and 10+ years of operating multiple AAM vessels gives me a unique insight into the company’s impeccable workmanship. This will be valuable when I am engaging with AAM’s current and future customers
Any trends you’re keeping an eye on in the marketplace that you’d like to tackle in this new role? AAM’s concentration and market leadership in both fuel-efficient hull designs and hybrid/alternative propulsion systems is a trend to continue to capitalize on. The maritime industry is going through a renaissance period of innovation and AAM’s attentiveness to these emerging technologies is pioneering.
These types of technologies will become common in nearly all vessel operations throughout the industry. In addition, there are regional marketplaces ripe for expansion where Teknicraft hull designs are well suited for these operational environments
With AAM now being part of the Bryton Marine Group Family, how do you see that benefitting business development and future customers? Bryton Marine Group’s attention to community and employee wellbeing compliments AAM’s mission and I am very excited to be a part of this larger family. Bryton is a market leader in aluminum vessel builds.
The shared experiences and history of boat building within the Bryton’s company family and AAM will enhance future builds and customer networking. AAM joining Bryton’s team will expand its already significant market footprint, allowing all of the companies to reach more people.
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