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Breaking News : Kiribati Fisheries Observer Death – Interview with ABC Radio

London. UK. Following the ongoing investigations into the untimely death of Kiribati fisheries observer, Eritara Aatii Kaierua in March 2020, Human Rights at Sea continues its collaborative work to support the family and drive transparency in the investigation. CEO, David Hammond, was interviewed alongside Eritara’s sister, Nicky Kaierua for ABC Radio’s flagship Pacific Beat show.

The interview covered the ongoing concerns of the family and the charity into the lack of disclosure of pathology reports, the loss of the crime scene as the Taiwanese flagged vessel was released from detention before the end of the criminal investigation, and repeated request for access to evidence.

Independently review the case

The case has attracted international attention for The Guardian newspaper, submission by Greenpeace for UN intervention, and has featured in international monitoring platforms and press. Meantime, the charity has been issuing ISBN publications on the case and wider issue of fisheries observer health, security and well-being since July..

Human Rights at Sea, acting on behalf of the family, recently instructed a team of senior counsel led by Steven Kay QC of 9 Bedford Row Chambers to independently review the case.

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