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Breaking News : “Ever Given” owners file appeal

On 22 April 2021, the owners of the container vessel “Ever Given” filed an appeal before the Ismailia court of first instance in Egypt against the arrest of the “Ever Given” and her cargo.
Despite the sincere efforts of the “Ever Given’s” owners and their insurers, it has not been possible to resolve this matter without the continued involvement of the Egyptian Courts. 22 April 2021 was the last possible day for the filing of such an appeal.
The appeal against the arrest was made on several grounds, including the validity of the arrest obtained in respect of the cargo and the lack of supporting evidence for the SCA’s very significant claimBreaking.

The appeal will be heard on 4 May 2021.

The “Ever Given” interests will continue to negotiate in good faith with the SCA to reach an amicable resolution. We are encouraged that the SCA recently allowed two of the vessel’s crew members to return home for compassionate reasons, whilst the vessel remains under detention.


Twenty-three of the 25 crew onboard at the time of the grounding remain onboard and are being supported by two additional seafarers who have joined the vessel. All 25 crew onboard are Indian nationals. The crew are receiving every possible support from the vessel’s owner and technical manager. The vessel is well provisioned, and the crew have internet access and can speak with their families, however they are concerned at the prospect of being unable to leave the vessel or continue their voyage.
The UK Club’s priority remains the fair and swift resolution of the SCA’s claim to enable the vessel to continue on her intended voyage and to allow the crew to leave Egypt.

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