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Breaking News : Danish coastal authority orders a new survey ship from Tuco Yacht Shipyard in Faaborg PDF

The Coastal Directorate will replace its survey ship, EKKO with a new one. It was Tuco Yacht Værft in Faaborg that won the EU tender for the construction of the new survey ship. It is expected to be launched next year.
The Coastal Directorate is entering into a contract with Tuco Yacht Værft ApS in Faaborg for the construction of an advanced survey vessel. The ship will be part of the Coastal Directorate’s work with ongoing surveying of Danish waters and collection of data on coastal development. The data collection provides important knowledge, among other things, for the work with climate adaptation and coastal protection.
The new surveying vessel will be equipped with the latest, updated model of the so-called multi-beam echo sounder, which can measure the seabed with millimeter accuracy down to a depth of just over 200 meters. The ship itself is specially built for the harsh weather conditions on the West Coast, where a large part of the survey takes place.


The almost 15 m longship with two powerful engines of a total of 1,000 HP is built in carbon fiber and reinforced, so it can withstand sailing into very shallow water depths and even bump into the ground. The price for the new ship is expected to be around DKK 10 million. DKK including the advanced measuring equipment

The tender process

The tender process has been going on for the last six months. Hauschildt Marine A / S has also assisted with ship technical advice in the tender process and will now manage the construction process until the delivery of the finished ship next year.

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