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Breaking News : Bergen Tankers put into service its LNG bunker vessel

Bergen Tankers‘ LNG bunkering ship entered service and has supplied LNG fuel to different clients in Norway
BERGEN LNG has now carried out several LNG bunkering operations and has supplied LNG fuel to many industrial and onshore facilities in Norway, Bergen Tankers said.
“The run-in has been exemplary, where safety and efficiency have been paramount. We would like to thank our good partners: Gasnor, Westcon Florø, Høglund, Glesvær Design, Sparebanken Vest, Bureau Veritas, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, and more, who together with our skilled employees in Bergen Tankers have made this project possible. A state-of-the-art LNG bunkering vessel is ready for service. To reduce emissions in Norway, every single day,” the Company said.

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