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Breaking News : AYRO receives theInnovation Ocean Trophy 2020-2021

AYRO has been awarded on March 25th with the 2020-2021 “Ocean Innovation Trophy“ in thecategory “shippingdecarbonation using wind propulsion”, organized by the French bank Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO).This award,handed over by an environmentally committed bank, is a recognition ofthe Oceanwings® capacity to contribute to the decarbonation of the shipping industry. It strengthens AYRO in its development and integration process towards hybrid wind propulsion systems for commercial vessels as well as yachts.


This is with great honor andas a sign of encouragement that we receive this Trophy from a jury of experts especially involved in maritime and technological innovations.The Oceanwings®is the result of more than 6 years of research and development. With a dedicated and environment friendly team,we are convinced that shippingdecarbonation is essentialand that the solution will have to bear on wind propulsion systems”, reportsMarc Van Peteghem,AYRO Chairman and cofounder.


eBlue_economy_Marc Van Peteghem,AYRO Chairman and co-founder
eBlue_economy_Marc Van Peteghem,AYRO Chairman  AYRO is a French,
About AYRO
is a French company that designs, manufactures and sells the wings Oceanwings®to be installed on cargo vessels and yachts, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing fossil fuels consumption.For more information, please visit our website: w ww.ayro.fr


About the Innovation Ocean Trophy
Created 3 years ago,this Trophy promotes those deploying innovating solutionsin the maritime world,within 7 categories:‘Preserving biodiversity’, ‘Reducing the use of fossil fuels, ‘Reducing sea pollution’, ‘Providing coastline protection’, ‘Increasing public awareness on sea and coastlinesprotection’, ‘Using in a sustainable manner maritime energies’, ‘Using ocean resources in a sustainable way in food,health, leisure and others’.More information on: BPGO Innovation Ocean Trophy

eBlue_economy_Banque Populaire Grand Ouest(BPGO)

About Banque Populaire Grand Ouest(BPGO)
Company with a variable capital having its registered office in SaintGrégoire IlleetVilaine. Carrying out its banking and insurance activities in 12 departments*in GRAND OUEST of France, it owns 300 agencies BPGO & CMGO, 3000 collaborators. Regional and cooperative, its shared capital is held by 351,934 members. It supports 890,000 individual clients, professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs and associations. Expert in the field of Banking & Insurance, it reinvests on the French Territory the savings collected, and pursues its mission as a cooperative bank at the service of its Members and all its customers as well as for the territories of the regional economy and all its stakeholders.*Calvados (under the Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest brand and only in the following cities: Bayeux, Caen, Deauville, Grandcamp Maisy, Ouistreham & Port en Bessin), Côtes d’Armor, Finistère, IlleetVilaine, Loire Atlantique, Maine et Loire, Manche, Mayenne, Morbihan, Orne, Sarthe, Vendée.More information on: Banque Populaire Grand Ouest


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