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Breaking News : Australia’s First Fully Automated Terminal Receives Upgrade From NAVIS

NAVIS announced the successful completion of automation upgrade N4 Terminal Operating Solution (TOS) at Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), Australia’s first fully automated container terminal.

Located at Webb Dock East in the Port of Melbourne, VICT is an integral part of the Victorian, Tasmanian, and Australian supply chain. The terminal handles more than a million containers annually, and more than one-third of containerized trade at the port.

The latest upgrade is yet another effort by the terminal owner International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), to achieve unprecedented efficiency in operations with a reduction in turnaround time.

Jon Wheeler

Jon Wheeler, COO of VICT in a recent statement to the press said, “By continuing to optimize through automation upgrades and continuous improvement analysis, VICT strives to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

The latest upgradation at VICT includes a unique N4 3.8 AutoShuttle scheduler which increases system robustness and uptime by reducing exception handling through automation of the mechanism. This also translates into a significant reduction in turnaround time for trucks especially the ones handling multiple transactions. It also offers optimal Autoshuttle dispatch.

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VICT is one of the largest container terminals in the entirety of Australia. It has been achieving milestones like recording the highest exchange in a single call, handling the largest vessel incapacity, being and the longest vessel to call at the port, etc at an exceptional pace. These accomplishments are results of continuous up-gradation and maintenance at the terminal.

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