bound4blue has developed autonomous rigid sails systems to be integrated on a wide range of vessels. They are a complementary propulsion systems that provide great thrust thanks to the wind.

The systems have been conceived as a complementary propulsion system, which produces effective thrust from existing winds, reducing the main engine power required and, therefore, delivering fuel consumption and pollutant emissions reductions of up to 40% and it ensures a payback period under 5 years.

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How WAPS works

Merchant vessels rely on the thrust delivered by their main engine for propulsion. These engines burn enormous amounts of fuel, resulting in large fuel-bills and pollutant emissions levels.

Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems (WAPS) take advantage of the available wind to generate clean forwards thrust, reducing the engine thrust required and consequently cuts down on fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

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If WAPS is operated effectively to maximise forwards thrust under any sailing condition, double-digit percentages in fuel and emissions savings can be achieved.

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