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Bassam El Shammaa : Rebuild an Identical Copy of The Lighthouse of Alexandria by Egyptian hands

The Ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria was constructed on an isle called “Pharos” in Greek., The word became generalized in modern Greek φάρος = ‘fáros’

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This mosaic (see photo) was encountered in the region called “The Palace of Libya”, in the actual Lybia, which was historically known as “Theodorias” or “Oliba”. This surviving painting explains the structure of the Lighthouse after the earthquake that destroyed it, with the statue of Helios, God of the Sun, above

The engineer and founder of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria wrote this sentence on his construction:

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“From Sostratus (his name) King of Cnidus, son of Dexiphanes, in the name of all those who supervise Maritime Navigation, to the loyal gods”.

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The Lighthouse was described by Al-Mass’oudy, Al-Idrissy, Al-Balawy Al-Andaloussy and Ibn Battouta, as well as in the book of Ibn Araby during the 15th Century.

Several years ago I demanded the rebuilding of the Lighthouse of Alexandria according to the old design o the Lighthouse of Pharos in the same place it was built in Al-Anfoushy.

A few years ago, China constructed an identical replica of the Lighthouse. There is also a famous hotel in Georgia built in a very similar design.

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Appeal to rebuild the Lighthouse of Alexandria

Historian Bassam El Shammaa proposes and launches a popular campaign to rebuild a replica of The Lighthouse of Alexandria on or beside the historical Isle of Pharos, now in Al-Anfoushy, Alexandria, financed by Egyptians, a project which would be considered as a cultural, historical, and touristic achievement that increments the national income.

EL Shammaa in 2008 appealed to the relevant bodies of Egypt through media but not officially to consider the proposed rebuilding, stating that sufficient information is available through early historical documentation.



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