Articles : Marek Grzybowsk write to “eBlue economy ” Crist will build a wind-powered seawater desalination unit”:

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Polish shipyard Crist participates in a project led by SYNLIFT Industrial Products (SIP). The project is called Floating WINDdesal (FWD). It is a wind-powered seawater desalination unit as a floating application for nearshore and offshore project sites.

The project involves companies with experience in creating, designing and producing innovations: StoGda Ship Design & Engineering, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Prysmian Group, Boll & Kirch Filterbau, AEROVIDE, EMS Maritime Offshore and Crist, a memeber of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster.

„The management of the Crist shipyard recognized this project as developmental. The shipyard took part in the implementation of the feasibility study and participated in the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) process together with the StoGda design office” – said Daniel Okruciński, General Director at Stocznia Crist S.A. for the portal.

SYNLIFT announced that it is finalizing the technology concept (Phase 2) on behalf of and in collaboration with the FWD Industry Initiative in February 2021. For the realization of a demonstration plant FWD 10,000 / 15,000 in Saudi Arabia, the full proposal for the state tendering process has been submitted by the local business partner NTCC. The world’s largest player in the desalination market, the Saudi company SWCC, has expressed its interest in supporting the project as an off-taker – informed SYNLIFT. Project management and planning is carried out by SYNLIFT Industrial Products (SIP) from Potsdam. For many years, the company has specialized in desalination of sea water powered by renewable energy.

eBlue_economy_SYNWATER 2 source Synlift.deeBlue_economy_SYNWATER 2 source Synlift.deeBlue_economy_SYNWATER 2 source

SYNLIFT has been contracted by Trends Industrial S.A. – a member of the Chilean Trends Group – to work out the complete technical concept and based upon that to realize the front-end engineering design (FEED) as general technical planner for a large-scale solar powered seawater desalination and water conveying system in Atacama region/Chile in 2016.


Crist Shipyard participates in the preparation of fabrication technology, budget development and the development of the project schedule. Crist cooperates in the preparation of coordination processes and system integration with other partners. Crist has many innovative offshore vessels and hydrotechnical constructions in its production portfolio. With entry of system partner Crist Shipyard (marine technology plant engineering) and tec-partner StoGda Ship Design & Engineering (Floater Design) both from Poland the industry initiative has been upgraded to European scale –SYNLIFT hunderlines.

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