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An economist monitors the main reasons that led to an increase in Egyptian exports by 23% during the first 6 months of this year

 Cairo-Cape Town road project will facilitate trade movement between Egypt and Africa 

Ashraf Ghorab, economic expert and vice-president of the Arab Union for Social Development in the Arab Labor System of the League of Arab States for Planning and Economic Development, confirmed that Egyptian non-oil exports increased during the first 6 months of this year to $15 billion and 370 million, by 23% over the year. The past during the same period, which was estimated at 12 billion and 543 million dollars, confirms the occurrence of a qualitative leap in the export support and development program and the government’s adoption of the latest scientific methods for its development in the implementation of the instructions of the political leadership to bring exports to 100 billion dollars.
No description available. Ghorab monitored the reasons that led to the increase in exports, which are due to a number of factors, decisions, and measures, the first of which is that after the economic reform program, the government made a very great effort through a promotional campaign to break into African markets and new markets in Europe and Asia to increase the volume of exports to 100 billion dollars. With the support of businessmen exporters, especially to African countries, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has set up a new export support program so that exports to the markets of the African continent are granted an additional 50% of the basic support percentage, and it is charged from the shipping cost for all exports except for the excluded goods.

One of the reasons 

Ghorab continued, that one of the reasons is also to increase the establishment of foreign exhibitions to promote the Egyptian product in foreign countries through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, in addition to developing road networks to open new arteries for the state by facilitating the transportation of goods, also developing ports that facilitated exports and speeded shipping, in addition to the efforts of offices Commercial representation, which prepares reports on new markets, including the African markets, and the volume of contracts and agreements with them, to exploit this data to increase exports, in addition to detailed periodic reports on the target markets to know the needs of the African market.
بالصور تعرف على أشهر الصادرات التجارية لكل بلدان العالم - Borsaforex Ghorab pointed out that one of the reasons is also that the Egyptian product today is of high quality that competes with European products in global markets, in addition to the government’s role in supporting the industrial sector and protecting it from practices harmful to competition such as dumping and smuggling, in addition to opening new markets and expanding in West African markets, including Senegal. And Kenya, and the trade missions sent by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in cooperation with exporters and businessmen to these markets, in addition to the country’s success since 2018 to 2021 in opening 38 new foreign markets for Egyptian agricultural products for their quality, which increased the volume of Egyptian agricultural exports to more than 4 million tons during the first time. 6 months of this year.

Remove all obstacles  

Ghorab continued, in addition to the fact that the state worked to remove all obstacles facing exports, so it automated the procedures for export and release at ports and the single window system, in addition to facilitating the movement of logistical transport to the markets of African countries and continuing work on the implementation of the Cairo-Cape Town road project to facilitate trade movement between Egypt and Africa In addition to the government’s postponement of the payment of loans owed by exporters and the postponement of the payment of state dues to them, in addition to the re-formation of export councils of all kinds for a period of 3 years, and the state launched many initiatives to encourage exporters and return the export burdens that have been delayed for years to encourage industry and increase production.
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Ghorab pointed to a number of factors that also contributed to the increase in exports, including the establishment of new industrial cities such as the Furniture City in Damietta, the Leather City in Robeki and the Textile City in Sadat, and the establishment of 17 industrial complexes in 15 governorates within 7 years, in addition to Egypt signing a number of international agreements and protocols to increase trade exchange. Between Egypt and African, Arab and European countries, and the establishment of 5 industrial zones with the industrial developer system, the electronic catalog, which is a map for promoting and marketing the Egyptian product, also contributes to one of the most important factors that will increase Egyptian exports more during the coming periods.

Exports contribute  

The economic expert continued, that the increase in exports contributes to an increase in foreign exchange reserves and an increase in the value of the Egyptian pound and works to reduce the deficit in the trade balance. It also contributes to increasing production, increasing tax revenue, and increasing manpower by providing new job opportunities and opening new projects, explaining that the new program to respond The burden of exports and its incentives will cause a boom in export rates and export development

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