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Agreement between ministers Salvini and Giorgetti: 41 million for Italian ports

There are 41 million euros earmarked for Italian ports for the construction of infrastructural works as well as for the upgrading of services and road and rail connections.

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This was established by the decree signed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti and provides, among other things, for the allocation of funds.

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It is a matter of a part of the VAT due for the importation of goods passing through Italian ports, which feeds a special Fund for the financing and adaptation of ports.

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For 2021, the share due, as mentioned, is equal to 41 million euros: 80 percent, 32 million and 800 thousand euros, will be divided by Port Authority, taking into account the volume of imports from the ports; the remaining 20 million in an equalization measure on the basis of the three-year operating plans and port regulatory plans.

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Initiatives that can be started immediately will be financed as a priority. Within 30 days of the publication of the decree, the port system authorities will have to present the intervention plan to the MIT.

Italy is a European nation located on the Apennine peninsula, and is bordered by the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian Seas.

It has significant maritime trade across Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It is a popular tourist spot, and is located close to the Suez Canal and Straits of Gibraltar. These make it a shipping and passenger hub.

Today, its ports are some of the busiest shipping hubs around the world. They are global leaders in cargo, container, and passenger transit.

One of the world’s leading commercial shipbuilders- Fincantieri S.p.A., operates from Italy. Its construction and repair yards are built close to some of the ports in this list.

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