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Accidents : An incident occurred on board of the FPSO from China to Brazil.

One person died and five seriously intoxicated

Brazilian workers illegally consumed cleaning liquid on board the FPSO which is currently being transported by the Boskali’s ‘Boka Vanguard’ from China to Brazil

During the transit a contractor, designated by the yard, is conducting preservation works on board of the FPSO. These works are part of the pre-delivery activities by the yard before the FPSO is delivered to the operator in Brazil later this month. Six persons employed by the designated contractor, all with the Brazilian nationality, illegally consumed a cleaning liquid found on board of the FPSO, said Boskalis.

According to Boskalis, this liquid is a substance customarily used for degreasing purposes, presumably containing a mixture of ethanol and the severely toxic methanol. 

Unfortunately, the affected persons reported this to Boskalis crew approximately 36 hours after consumption at which point serious signs of illness were becoming apparent.

The Vanguard course was changed towards the coast of South Africa and medical evacuation by helicopter was organized.

Regrettably one of the affected individuals passed away before the medical assistance was on site. However, the remaining five persons were safely medivaced to a hospital in Durban, South Africa and are successfully recovering from intoxication.

Boskalis expresses its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased person.

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