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ABS Supports Amver Awards Recognizing Norway’s Commitment to Saving Lives at Sea

OSLO) ABS continued its long-standing support for the Amver Awards by sponsoring a ceremony recognizing the contribution of Norwegian shipping to the unique reporting system that supports search and rescue efforts for seafarers in distress.

Hosted at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Oslo, the ceremony saw 261 vessels from 40 Norwegian shipowners and operators honored for their commitment to maritime safety, making themselves available to assist in search and rescue activities anywhere in the world.

Ezekiel Davis
“Safety at sea is a founding principle at ABS and nothing embodies it quite like the Amver program, which honors those who put safety above commercial interests. We are proud to celebrate these companies and the brave men and women who operate the vessels with these awards,” said Ezekiel Davis, ABS Vice President, Europe Business Development. 

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“I am excited to recognize safety at sea and the good works of our Norwegian shipping partners in person. While most of us were forced to stay home, seafarers continued to ensure that goods were delivered during the pandemic. More importantly, the same seafarers continued to make sure that saving lives remained a top priority.

Benjamin Strong

This private-public partnership is what is needed in times of adversity, and I am so happy we can recognize the brave men and women who have answered the call or made themselves available for search and rescue around the world. Congratulations to all the award recipients,” said Benjamin Strong, Amver Director, Maritime Relations.

Resolve receives USCG AMVER Award - Marine Log

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