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ABS Simulation-Based Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Evaluating Vessel Decarbonization Options

The ABS Simulation-based (SIM-based) Energy Efficiency Evaluation (EEE) Service supports shipowners with evaluating their vessel decarbonization options and assessing new concepts in design, engineering, and operations while the vessel is in its design stages. The Energy Efficiency Evaluation service allows shipowners and shipyards to compare different propulsion systems and test the performance impact of adding different technologies for new build vessels.

Using advanced simulation and modeling technology, the SIM-based EEE can quickly build and tune system models to support the following:

Provide assessments of fuel consumption and propulsion system design optimizations
Create a model to be used as the basis for a digital twin for CII compliance *
Life-cycle cost analysis


* future development

To learn more about this service and how you can evaluate your vessel’s decarbonization options, contact us.


The ABS Sustainability team works closely with customers, industry associations, and organizations to advance areas of research such as vessel design, alternative fuels, and digital technologies. Our sustainability sp

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