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95victims of the MV Butiraoi ferry disaster died of hunger, dehydration not drowning

An inquiry report into the disaster off the coast of Kiribati was made public on Monday. The investigation revealed that drunk crew members and incompetent captain led to the death of 95 off the 102 people who boarded the ferry, the MV Butiraoi in a remote island in the South Pacific.

The commission, which was set up by the Kiribati government last year found that most of the 95 victims died from hunger, dehydration and hypothermia. One woman died while giving birth during the accident

Although the commission found that the actions of the crew had contributed to the worst maritime disaster in Kiribati’s history, it found there were no willful intentions or actions which had led to the deaths.

It made a number of recommendations, including that monuments should be erected to remember the dead

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