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Cap Dr. Montaser Ismail Al-Sukari is one of the maritime transport experts in the analysis of marine accidents, although he holds PHD in the philosophy of modern shipbuilding and marine accident analysis from Camborne Maritime University in London and a master’s degree from the Oslo Maritime Academy in Norway.

He holds a postgraduate diploma in international marine insurance from the Arab Academy of Sciences technology and maritime transport

د. منتصر السكرى: مصر فى القائمة البحرية السوداء | الوفد

He is the Chaiman of a private company for International maritime transport services specializing in marine consultations, ship inspections, marine units operating on the high seas and trans-oceanic areas, and accident analysis.Panamanian Evergiven

Cap.Dr.Montaser Al-Sukari,  was Maritime Adviser to the Egyptian Shura Council to analyze the repercussions of the Al-Salam 98 ferry accident

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  Cap.Dr.Montaser Al-Sukari said that the Egyptian Company for Registration and Classification of Ships will provide all the services provided by foreign ship classification bodies and will contribute to the development and growth of the sector of owning and managing marine vessels operating in coastal waters and inland waters of the ARE

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Adding as well as developing the field of the tourism sector by extending its activity to serve Nile units, floating hotels and yachts And the picnic boats, fishing vessels and all marine units working in the petroleum services to serve the oil platforms operating in the territorial waters by raising the level of maritime safety and preserving the marine environment.

Ever Given accident explicit wake up call for upgrading of Suez Canal Atlas Logistic NEtwork

Rather, it will contribute effectively to revitalizing the industry and building small and medium marine vessels due to our reduction in the expenses of approving construction drawings and supervision. Granting the necessary certificates to complete the construction process, as well as collecting these expenses in Egyptian pounds instead of hard currency.

Accordingly, the Egyptian Company for Ship Registration and Classification was established in 2005, but unfortunately we have not been able to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Transport so far.

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He said in spite of the company has been approved by all major international and local insurance companies and protection and compensation clubs as experts to inspect the bodies and machinery of ships and grant them insurance validity certificates,

He emphasized the company is accredited by the Egyptian Authority for Insurance Supervision – and the General Authority for Financial Supervision, In addition to the above, the company holds a quality certificate (ISO 9001/2008).

Auto Container/RORO Shipping,Household Shipping and Export Shipping – Overseas Shipping Inc – Specialist Automobile and Container Shipping Company

International Maritime Service co.( IMS )


It is noteworthy International Maritime Services Co. (I.M.S), First Class Marine & Logistic Services Company 
We cover following activities in all Egyptian ports:

  • Shipping agency & full Logistic services,
  • Petroleum & neutral gas & full Logistic services
  • Marine Inspection & Survey for all type of Project Cargo

Their main office is located in Alexandria/Egypt, and we have our branches in all Egyptian ports and main cities with qualified and experienced staff working 24 hours, 7 days a weekIMS

I M S operated by Masters Mariners and Marine Engineers whose goal in each case has been to minimize losses for the parties concerned.

I M S, 25 years of experience and specialty in solving Cargo & Marine dispute which provides a unique service to the shipping and insurance industries that of professional problem solving.

I M S provide technical expertise to services to Petroleum & Platform, Insurance Cos., Shipping Cos., Ship Owner’s, petroleum unites (Oil Rig, Platforms, Tugboats, Supply boats),Operators, P&I clubs, Maritime lawyers and providing solution to all private and public sectors. 

I M S,has been awarded the GOLD CATEGORY 2008 from WQC International star award “World quality commitment”

IMS Services

How large is the Very Large Crude Carrier?


Petroleum Services & Shipping Agency

  • Shipping Agency for all types of Petroleum & Natural Gas marine unites including Oil Rig, Platforms, Tugboats, Supply boats, Towing boats, and Service boats.
  • Preparing on-shore drilling sites.
  • Expediting custom clearance for drilling Equipment.
  • Pledging to the safe and secure, and timely transportation of petroleum equipment to/from designated drilling sites.
  • Furnishing specialized underwater& dry welding.
  • Pledging exclusive catering to Oil Rigs & supply vessels.
  • Procuring storage locations for petroleum companies inside/outside relevant ports.
  • Ensuring the presence of turnkey administrative offices.
  • Providing the most diversified Manpower Supply.
  • Mobilizing divers for under water surveys and inspection.
  • Facilitating renting equipment’s (Cranes, Forklifts, Compressors, Generators, welding equipment, Trailers, etc.)
  • Providing spare parts for a myriad of repair and maintenance operations.
  • Making available well-equipped accommodation compounds.
  • Attending to all hotels & resorts reservation client requests.
  • Facilitating private car rentals with or without chauffeur.
  • Expediting CCU manufacturing/renting.
  • Providing custom clearance for petroleum companies.

PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor – Marine Surveyor and Inspection Services

Marine & Cargo Surveyors

Marine survey

  • Hull & machinery surveys for all type of vessels & Marine Unit.
  • Condition, hull & machinery survey
  • Pre-Purchase condition survey. 
  • Dry dock
  • Hatch covers inspection by Ultrasonic equipments.
  • Safety
  • Conversions
  • Certifying progress and reports Marine consultants
  • Pre-shipment/arrival conditions
  • Surveys & Investigation of damage & loss
  • P & I clubs survey / services.(Marine &Cargo)
  • Container condition and/or damage surveys
  • Casualty & Damage survey.
  • Marine & Insurance leg Consultation & services.
  • ON/OFF Hire Survey & Condition Survey.

– Cargo survey

  • Agriculture product (quantity/quality) inspections
  • Cargo recovery for all kind of cargo.
  • Cargo hold’s inspection.
  • Quality inspection and cargo surveys
  • Supervision of loading and/or discharging.
  • Heavy lift project inspection.
  • Draft surveys, tank calibration table.
  • Sampling.
  • Damage cargo survey.
  • Cargo Recovery Consultants
  • Ascertaining the quantity and quality of bulk liquid cargo
  • Investigation of shortage and contamination of bulk cargo
  • Marine & Insurance leg Consultation & services.

IMS Certificates

  • Egyptian marine authority.
  • Egyptian High court as marine surveyors.
  • Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co.
  • Egyptian Petroleum Authority.
  • Egyptian Marine insurance authority.
  • The republic of Vanuatu as inspector for ASI
  • Certified Marine Surveyors by (N.A.M.S)
  • Superintendent and Surveyor.(GAFTA)
  • P&I Clubs (Most of all P&I Clubs).
  • Most of International Marine Underwriters
  • Egyptian Insurance Control Association (E.I.C.A)
  • Egyptian Funds Control Association
  • Egyptian Arbitration Society
  • Egyptian arbitration chamber
  • Egyptian Register of Shipping (E R S – EGYPT).
  • Arab Maritime Academy
  • I N S B (International Naval Surveys Bureau)
  • Maritime Inspection Corporation
  • National Association of Marine Surveyors. (N.A.M.S)
  • Trans Ocean – U.S.A / Egypt as Vendor Sept. 2012
  • Shelf drilling –  U.S.A/ Egypt as Vendor No. 50001155
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