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The conference always sets the scene with an analysis of bulk markets. It continues with a full programme focused on the concerns of operators, each year offering sound practical solutions for improving safety, streamlining operations and ensuring environmental protection.

Given the importance to Latvian and other Baltic ports of transit cargoes, rail and transport connectivity will be covered as well in Bulk Terminals Riga 2022 – especially given the impact the conflict in Ukraine has had.

Port of Riga increased its grain products' storage and handling capacity by 300 thousand tons to 7.5 million tons per year

Other disputes with origins in political disagreements can affect the fortunes of port and terminals. China’s dispute with Lithuania has regional and EU implications. In late 2020 China stopped buying Australian coal. Subsequently the Australians found new markets. Most recently Chinese exports of sand to Taiwan have stopped.

Time will tell how long lasting the fallout from the conflict in Ukraine will be. Similarly, how temporary the effect on the pattern of Chinese bulk imports and exports of their disputes with other countries will be. Bulk Terminals 2022 will examine the consequences, regionally and internationally.

The Annual ABTO Bulk Terminals Conferences are designed for all those involved in the transportation, storage and handling of bulk commodities

As well as a full programme of presentations, panels and case studies, by popular request this year Bulk Terminals will include a terminal visit. They are delighted to be the guests of Rīgas Universālais Termināls – Riga Universal Terminal (RUT).

Riga bulk terminal - Latvia - Bedeschi S.p.A.

As well as the valuable networking opportunities afforded by the visit to RUT, there will be a boat tour of Riga Port with lunch on board thanks to the generosity of the Freeport of Riga Authority, followed by a visit to the port Vessel Traffic Services Centre.

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After the proceedings at the end of the first day, the Freeport Authority have kindly organised a tour of Historic Riga, culminating in the conference reception at the Riga Museum of History and Navigation – and for arrivals on Monday before conference they are also hosting drinks in the foyer and winter garden of their conference venue overlooking the Riga City Canal.

His Excellency Olexandr Mishchenko, The Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Latvia will be joining us for the CONFERENCE PANEL DEBATE: Conflict and the effect of the pursuit of political objectives on bulk trades – international, regional and EU implications.


Bulk markets
Increasing the profitability of operations
Development opportunities
Driving efficiency through technology and digitalisation
Environmental protection
Risk and improving safety
Cyber security
Transhipment, rail and transport connectivity
The impact of covid-19


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