Warning: ADMIRAL vessel risk rating is 24% than vessel type average 43%

1984 built General Cargo vessel #ADMIRAL #IMO8408648, ‘Red’ Risk rated 67%, 30-Aug-22.

Last reported position: Istanbul Turkey 23-Aug-22.

Warning: ADMIRAL vessel risk rating is 24% than vessel type average 43%.

ADMIRAL’s operator Cedar Marine Services Sal (based Lebanon), also Red Risk Rated at 59%, from seven vessels risk rated. It is worth noting all seven vessels managed are ‘Amber-to-Red’ Risk Rated.

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IMRRA’s head of business development, Wayne Hurley said, “marinerating.com analysts recommend immediate action regarding the ADMIRAL. It is a high-risk probability for severe accidents and casualties.”

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All Cedar Marine Services Sal ( Tripoli , Lebanon ) operated vessels should at a minimum have a planned approach to vessel risk management if dealing with these vessels.”

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For more vessel details on the ADMIRAL visit: https://bit.ly/3wMIHIU

marinerating.com is a web-based vessel and operator’s risk rating tool that providing traffic-light risk warning system alert on vessels approaching a port.

The system is also used by charterers as a pre-charter assessment tool.

Ship Information

Vessel Type
General Cargo
non IACS
Overall Risk Rating
Fleet Type Average
Avg. Operator Risk Rating
Immediate action required to control the Operator’s Vessel hazard. High risk for severe vessel incidents and casualties.59%
Analysis Date
Delivery Date
There is a lot to think before committing to chartering a Dry Bulk Vessel
  • All Certificates & Documents valid?
  • Survey dates of relevant class and statutory surveys current?
  • Vessel maintenance & operation conform with international standards?
  • SOLAS Convention, MARPOL Convention, and the International Load Line Convention?
  • Crew competent? Experienced? Proficient? Rested?
  • Port State Control deficiencies? Vessel previously detained?
  • Accidents & Incidents information available?
Charterers Physical Vessel Risk Verification Inspection:
Verify a vessel’s risk rating with a physical vessel inspection. IMRRA’s vessel inspectors can help you to reduce your risk from:
  • Drug smuggling – Dry Cargo vessels are a preferred target for drug smugglers.
  • U.S.A. Sanctions risk information
  • Illegal immigrants and vessel arrest
  • Potential vessel terrorist threats to cargo and terminal operations

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