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Bright-yellow catfish caught in the Netherlands

A professional fisherman in the Netherlands was left stunned after he caught an extraordinary bright-yellow catfish.

Martin Glatz, who was fishing with his twin brother Oliver on a lake, had caught many catfish, but he had never seen anything like this before – a wels catfish.

Wels catfish are reportedly native to lakes and rivers throughout Europe and can grow to 2.7 metres long if they live to become fully grown.

The fish was released after a few photos

The yellow bullhead is a medium-sized member of the catfish family. It is typically yellow-olive to slatey-black on the back and sometimes mottled depending on habitat. The sides are lighter and more yellowish, while the underside of the head and body are bright yellow, yellow-white, or bright white. The rear edge of its caudal fin is rounded.

The anal fin is much larger than many fish having anywhere between 24 and 27 rays. The yellow bullhead, though less common, can be easily distinguished from the brown bullhead and black bullhead by its white barbels or “whiskers”. Yellow bullheads are medium-sized bullheads rarely getting larger than 2 lb (0.91 kg) but can reach up to four pounds.

Yellow bullhead is bottom dwellers, living in areas with muck, rock, sand, or clay substrates. Its habitat includes river pools, backwaters, and sluggish current over a soft or mildly rocky substrate in creeks, small to larger rivers, and shallow portions of lakes and ponds.

Catfish Long Whiskered Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Their habitat can vary from a slow current with poorly oxygenated, highly silted, and highly polluted water to a more swift current with clean and clear water that has aquatic vegetation. Fishermen often find them in sluggish creeks and rivers with a gravel bottom.

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