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Virtual Boat Expo : Dgital marketing platform

Virtual Boat Expo is a global stage promoting everything marine, a digital marketing platform live 24/7, 365 days a year
Designed to be virtually the same as a live event the platform will deliver a fully immersive experience that offers a visual experience that is very close to that of a physical event but without many of the obvious drawbacks and accessible all year round.


Nigel Borrell

Nigel Borrell, Director comments, “The Virtual Boat Expo offers a global digital marketing platform where the leisure craft industry can showcase and host virtually the many products, boats, and prestigious yachts from the world’s renowned brands, professional brokers, marinas, and dealers”.

 “Components and equipment suppliers, chandlery, and leisure accessories will be showcased in a dedicated exhibition hall adjacent to the marina. Designed to be virtually the same as a live event the platform will deliver a fully immersive experience”.

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For what reasons it was born?

 He says: Our virtual marketing platforms were born 3 years ago and were designed to bridge the gap between live events and beyond. Our flagship event IndustryExpo serving the needs of manufacturers, engineers, and systems integrators was designed to give a global digital marketing tool all year round. To date IndustryExpo has welcomed over 500,000 visitors since its official launch in January 2020, regularly attracting new exhibitors and visitors.

No description available.


Virtual boat Expo will strive to bring together Companies and potential buyers on a global stage. Digital marketing can accelerate speed to market. Innovative opportunities can increase a business’s competitive edge, bringing a wider audience together. Visitor data allows a “capture-all” on the virtual platform where registration is required. No physical location and associated costs. A sustainable, safe, 3D & HD environment to promote your brands globally 365days 24/7. A 365 strategy ensures an active marketplace to conduct business, offering a massive opportunity for all-year-round communications, marketing, and sales.

Description of functions

The function of the Virtual Boat Expo is an all-year-round digital marketing platform and can be accessed via PC, tablet, or phone. The platform is free to enter. Visitors will be required to register to access the platform thus agreeing to our GDPR terms and conditions allowing their information to be shared with the exhibitors. The assets that we build and host for you on the platform can also be hosted on your website. Change and update content throughout the year. Unlimited use of our visitor VIP invite service, launch new products via the platform, including a live chat or video conversation software, Visitor data capture / Global audience, use the Dock Walk video studio to host presentations.

Who is it for?

The platform is designed to engage buyers and potential customers with everything marine, from the leisure craft industry, Components and equipment suppliers, chandlery, and leisure accessories will be showcased in a dedicated marina, exhibition hall adjacent to the marina.


Platform Description

The platform uses tried and tested software combining 3D rendering, animation, HD photography and video with an intelligent database and intuitive and immersive user experience. A team of dedicated and highly experienced designers and developers are continually evolving new and exciting additions to the platforms. The platform supports uploads of images, literature video’s 3D files, and more. Sales capture forms can be included to promote promotional giveaways.

How to Use the Available Services

Companies have access to 3 options on the platform: All packages are for 12 months

  • The Brokerage Sales Office – Much like an estate agent’s window for boat sales. Ability to change the slot information for a new offering when sold.
  • The Exhibition Marquee – Will contain 6x3metre shell scheme booths individually designed that will showcase products and services, video wall, chat function literature racks, upgrade with 3D product imagery, and video avatar of a team member introducing the Companies services.
  • The marina is where we model an external view of the vessel using cad drawings (supplied by exhibitor) with contact pin and website links, full Internal 3D rendering can be also achieved or 360 spherical videos of internals from the exhibitor can be added as a clickable pin to view.

              Where we would be required to produce a fully rendered internal/external view that would replicate the boat. We would need to see the cad files and material available before giving an accurate quote to complete the project.

Minimum resources needed

  • Brokerage: Logo; content in PDF form; video(optional)
  • Exhibition Marquee: Logo, Corporate colors, Content, literature, Video’s email address for a chat function. Optional extras include 3D product imagery and avatar.
  • Marina: CAD file of vessels required; logos, literature, video’s contact details. Optional extras include internal 3D rendering, avatar.

System availability:

No description available.

Global visibility, visitors can access at their leisure once registered on the platform

No description available.

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