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Knights of YoungShip Panama

Youngship Panama was formed in December 2018 by a group of young people from the maritime sector and was established with the aim of connecting young Latin American professionals from the maritime industry.

Is the first YoungShip International branch in Latin America created for the benefit and support of the younger members of the maritime and shipping industry and is the first organization in Panama dedicated to helping young maritime and logistics professionals. We welcome members (between the age of 20 to 40) from all areas of the industry (from students to established professionals) who share our passion and our belief that young people are the most significant constituent to ensure our industry’s ongoing growth and success. Our members become from different areas meet our members they are The Next Generation of the Maritime Industry.

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Name: Israel Josue Castillo Rivera

Age: 33 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Master in Industry 4.0 Management and Process Automation – Three Points Digital Business School – In Progress

Master in Maritime Economics and Logistics

Bachelor of Logistics and Multimodal Transportation

8 years of experience in the maritime industry in the Maersk company working in areas ranging from continuous improvement in customer experience processes, coordination of intermodal land transport, coordination of customs services, coordination of FCL/LCL cargo handling, repair of refrigerated containers, quality supervision of EDI exchanges between shipping companies, ports, warehouses.

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Name: Alejandra Rosa Claude Pérez  

Age: 31 years old      

 Nationality: Panamanian           

  Studies: Master’s degree in Port Planning and Management with Specialization in Transport Systems.                              

  Postgraduate degree in Port Planning and Management.           

 Bachelor´s degree in Maritime and Port Operations.           

  Engineering Technician with Specialization in Maritime and Port Operations.

Passionate for the maritime industry with 8 years of experience in the sector. I have worked in several companies related with the maritime industry as a freight forwarder company, a shipping line, company for tuna processor and supplier and in the Panama Maritime Authority.

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Name: Agustín E. González Botacio  

 Age: 33 years old                               

  Nationality: Panamanian                         

 Studies: Master in Business Administration and International Commerce.  

Postgraduate degree top Management.                   

 Bachelor´s degree in Maritime transportation.

An experienced executive, skilled in Terminal Operations, Project Management, Logistic and Shipping industry. I have experience in the Maritime Industry and hold a degree in Maritime Transportation, specializing in Port industries. Working in Ports is gratifying, as it is a constant learning process, and innovation is a fundamental part of strategic management.


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Name: Krystel Quiroz

Age: 34 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Master in Industrial Electronics, Automation, and Control.

Technical degree in Electrical Engineering.

Maritime business administration with an emphasis on Ports and Multimodal transport.

I have 16 years of experience in the Maritime industry working in companies based in Panama related to the Auxiliary Maritime Industry. performing Commercial, operation and logistic, administration tasks, among others.

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Name: Danilo Adrián DE Gracia Suárez

Age: 32 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Maritime Engineering and a Master’s degree in port planning.

Digitization and automation are valuable tools that can create even more value for companies, the challenge is to know how to manage them to get the most.

My experience in the sector and the skills gained in data science have helped me to develop technological tools for the maritime and logistics sector.

Several years working on shipping lines, in late 2021 I decided to start my own business and provide software development services specialized in logistics operations for optimization

and automation.

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Age: 38 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Bachelor of Law and Political Science.

Private Law and the Mare Nostrum University Maritime Association.

Legal-procedural aspects of Panamanian Maritime Law Port Maritime Cybersecurity.

Operational aspects for ballast water management Process.

Processing in terms of Marine Insurance Provide professional and quality service to the maritime sector putting into practice the experience acquired practicing in the sector both in the private and public spheres and thus advise our clients and friends in terms of the Maritime Industry, Operations Licenses, Area Concessions and how minor ports are managed in the Republic of Panama.

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Name: Tiffany Selene Castillo

Age: 26 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Degree in Maritime and Port Operations.

Technician in Maritime and Port Operations.

Believer in continuing education to keep growing in knowledge within the industry. Also developing myself in the maritime sector with experiences in Naval Architecture, Boarding Officer and I am currently working as Regional Operations Coordinator for the Caribbean at Norton Lilly International CCL

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Name: Jonathan Daniel Samudio Guerra.

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime Business Administration with an emphasis on Ports and Multimodal Transportation.

I am an energetic professional, with a lot of empathy, and enthusiasm, I adapt quickly to all kinds of changes and situations, currently, I have not been able to develop myself in the maritime sector, and put into practice the different knowledge acquired in my career, my goal is to continue growing as a professional and to be able to work in this maritime sector.

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Name Regina Esther Montgomery.

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources and Talent Management.

Degree in Maritime and Port Administration.

Experience in surveillance systems and camera monitoring, access control in sentry boxes. I currently work in the Human Resources department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


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Name: Achira Y Ceballos A

Age 35 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Postgraduate in Higher Teaching

Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics Administration with an emphasis on Distribution and Transportation.

I love the career I study, but I have not had the opportunity to enter the world of logistics and transportation, throughout my life my experiences have been in different branches, in the last 2 years I have worked as an accounting assistant at what refers to bank movements, reconciliations, SIPE, collate among other things.

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Name: Monica Isabel Jaramillo Bethancourth

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Degree in Maritime Business Administration with Emphasis on Posts and Multimodal Transport

Excited to acquire more maritime experience and continue to fall in love with it and its corresponding branches every day.

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Name: Iris Gonzalez

Age: 27 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Maritime Port Engineering Technological University of Panama

Self motivated, young and enthusiastic. Recently graduated in Maritime Engineering with a lot of desire to learn and apply my skills. Flexible and results-oriented, I work very well in a team.

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Name: Analia Tuñon

Age: 22 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Currently studying the last year of the Bachelor of Law and Political Science at the University of Panama

During the course of my studies, I made the decision to move towards maritime law, where I hope to specialize soon, and joining YoungShip was a great step that is training me and opening up opportunities.

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Name: Evelice Elena Moreno Sambrano

Age: 21 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Technician in Maritime and Port Administration

Current student of the degree in maritime and port administration.

I like the breadth of the maritime area and how it grows over time. I want to settle in a company that allows me to put into practice what I have learned in a classroom, grow professionally and therefore leave a mark in my time at said institution and be recognized within the maritime industry.

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Name: Jose Federico Pan Moran

Age 22 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Education: Maritime business administration student with an emphasis on Ports and Multimodal Transport.

I believe that excellence is one of the most important qualities of any person. That is why I consider myself capable of improving and learning from every opportunity that comes my way every day.

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Name: Rubí Alvarado

Age 30 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Student of Maritime and Port Administration.

“No Calm Sea made a Sailor an Expert”, that is why we have YoungShip Panama, to guide us with their magnificent courses in which they give us the greatest power we can have, “the power of Knowledge”.

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Name: Yuranis Rumaña

Nationality: Colombian

Studies: Logistics administration with emphasis on distribution and transportation

FIATA certified

Specialization in operations management.

Operations and logistics management.

With more than five years of experience in different areas of the logistics chain, believer in continuous improvement and obtaining results.

Currently thesis student: Developing a methodological design for the implementation of a control panel prototype for the data collection process in the Regional Logistics Center for Humanitarian Assistance (CLRAH) in Panama.

In terms of research in 2021, I participated in the project “Implementation of a simulation system to strengthen research in the logistics field at the Universidad del Istmo” with the aim of implementing a simulation system that strengthens the investigative process in the interuniversity logistics field in Panama (Senacyt)

No description available.

Name: Alexandra Judith Alabarca

Age: 32 years

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Management Tools Applied in the Maritime Sector

Formulation and evaluation of projects

Seminar on Small Hydropower and Sustainable Development of Rural communities for Developing Countries.

Degree in Maritime and Port Operations.

Engineering Technician with emphasis on Maritime and Port Operations.

I dream of being able to give back with my service to the heritage that our predecessors have left us, contributing to the strengthening of its two main resources, the sea, and its people.

No description available.

Name: Daisy Ariadne González Pitty

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: Panamanian

Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime Business Administration with an emphasis on Ports and Multimodal Transport

When I started my professional career, I did not understand the greatness and importance of my country in global shipping, but with the study I became passionate, I began to understand and learn all the machinery that makes up this essential sector.

The maritime industry requires young people who are passionate about their profession with talent and start the generational change so that our future generations can follow the legacy of the great speakers of the maritime industry. This is where YoungShip Panama plays a fundamental role for our young Panamanians, helping them to boost they career.

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