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News : Submarine Kolpino of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet returns to the base

The crew of the submarine Kolpino of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF), having completed the tasks of the complex exercise in a submerged position, returns to the point of permanent deployment, says the press center of RF Defence Ministry.
Submariners have practiced control of the ship during surfacing and diving in the usual and emergency options.  They dived to various depths, including more than 200 m.  In a submerged position, the crew worked out the elimination of the hole and preparation for evacuation through the torpedo tubeDefense of the South of Russia and the suppression of provocations”: how is the rearmament of the Black Sea Fleet - Teller Report
Also, the submarine Kolpino was involved in the training of the crews of the helicopters of the Naval Aviation and the air defense of the Black Sea Fleet Ka-27M in search and detection of the enemy submarine.
The exercise was held in accordance with the plan for training fleet forces in naval training ranges.


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