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Webinar : Cruise industry, on the road to recover- -YoungShip in Sapain Event

The different YoungShip delegations in Spain, France, Turkey and Venezuela organized a virtual round table with different experts from the cruise industry. Among the attendees were Mar Pérez, cruise manager of the port of Barcelona; Javier Rodríguez, general manager of Barcelona Port Cruises (Global Port Holding); Jean-François Suhas, president of the Marseille-Provence Cruise Club; Burak Caliskan, country manager of MSC Cruise Turkey, or Carolina Bullé, senior buyer of Royal Caribbean Miami, among others.
The online meeting addressed different issues surrounding the cruise industry, such as the impact of Covid-19, the public opinion that exists on the sector, prospects for recovery, real risk and measures currently taken on a cruise, and coordination / cooperation between stakeholders to resume activity.


Among the main conclusions reached by the different experts, highlight the expectation of a speedy recovery of the activity, which the different speakers hope will be within this year. “We have taken all the necessary measures,” explained Javier Rodríguez, as there are a good number of reservations for the summer season, although the companies are waiting to know the measures by the administrations. “It is very necessary for the administrations to set a quick and common guideline, in a few weeks, so that the companies can organize for the summer season. The port of Barcelona is waiting and ready “, added Mar Pérez.


YoungShip Spain
Youngship Spain was founded in 2018 and is one of the 30 delegations that the YoungShip association has around the world, in addition to having 3,000 members. Non-profit association, formed by young professionals related to the shipping industry, whose goal is the promotion of young talents in the maritime industry, and especially of all those initiatives carried out by young entrepreneurs in the field of environmental protection , innovation and digitalization.

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