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Cruising : Tallink pilots coronavirus antigen testing on board Megastar

Passengers of Tallink Grupp’s Tallinn-Helsinki route vessel Megastar, will be able to take the coronavirus antigen tests during their voyage on the vessel, as part of a pilot by the company. In partnership with Farmatar, the company is trialling the rapid testing service on 4 departures on the route during the day
The trial is part of the company’s longer-term consideration to start offering this service on its vessels for increased safety and virus control on board once borders re-open for travelling and the numbers of passengers increase once again. It is also a part of the company’s wider and even further review and upgrade of safety features and procedures in preparation of the lifting of travel restrictions 
Tallink pilots coronavirus antigen testing on board Megastar on Friday, 26 March 2021
Commenting on the cooperation and pilot with Farmatar, Tallink Grupp’s Head of Customer Experience, Age Vanajuur said:
„We continue to search for all kinds of enhanced safety solutions and to make preparations for safe travelling for the time when the borders will ultimately open again for tourism, whenever this will be. The time to search, test, trial is now, so when tourism is allowed again in our countries, we can say hand on heart that we have done all we can to make travelling safe and give our customers peace of mind when they step on board.
„Access to rapid testing is a very simple way of giving people greater confidence in their own health and peace of mind, so it is something we are considering making available on all our vessels for the foreseeable future when more passengers, families, friends and groups return to our ships.
„This, in addition to other upgrades to our enhanced virus control procedures, should further help ensure that travelling is safe for everyone.“
Antigen testing on Megastar will be carried out by qualified medical professionals, will be available for all passengers on the 4 voyages, travellers as well as cargo drivers, and taking the test will cost passengers 39 euros.

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