Logistic : Difference between Carrier Haulage and Merchant Haulage

Carrier Haulage : Movement of the container from Point A to Point B under the control of theshipping line using a haulage contractor nominated by the shipping line
Also Carrier haulage is when the shipping company itself takes care of preliminary and subsequent transport of a container. It is also referred to as liner’s haulage.

Such move would generally be applicable when there is a multi modal transport involved – excargo moving from Antwerp to final destination Sandton (shown on bill of lading) via Durban/CityDeep, where Antwerp is the Port of Load, Durban is the Port of Discharge and container israiled from Durban to City Deep (rail terminal in Johannesburg) and further carried by road toSandton door.

Merchant Haulage : Movement of the container from Point A to Point B directly by theconsignee using his nominated haulage contractor.. In this case the consignee has the choiceto negotiate his own rates for the same..

In this case, the line does not bear any liability for themove and if there are any damages, they can hold the merchant liable for such damages..Comparing above delivery scenario, Merchant can arrange haulage either from Durban by roadto Sandton door directly or take delivery of the container from City Deep and further move it toSandton door by road

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