Full Crew are required for Immediate Hiring for Passenger Vessel with the following Requirements :
Nationality : Egyptian
Operation Area: Red Sea, Egypt
Experience : 3 years Experience on Passenger Vessels in the same Rank for Senior Positions

2 years Experience on Passenger Vessels in the same Rank for Junior Positions,
Valid Seaman Book for all Crew “at Least 6 months Validity”
Valid Passport for all crew “at Least 6 months Validity”
Valid GOC for all Officers
Valid COC for Officers / Engineers
Valid STCW Certificates for all crew
BRM / ERM for Officers / Engineers
Leadership Management for Senior Positions
All Crew Members to Hold Passenger Certificates
International Medical Certificate for all crew
Vaccination “Yellow Fever” for all crew
All Details to be negotiated during the Technical Interview
If you’re interested please send your Resume along with all Certificates to pan.marine.eg@gmail.com Mentioning” Rank. Name – Passenger ” in E-mail subject.
please note that only Candidates Whom comply with above mentioned
Requirements will be considered.


3rd off/4th eng
National COC accepted
LPG tanker
Joining Egypt
Interested candidate can share their resume on
Email: Nsmarship.cv@gmail.com
Call/whatsapp on: 8828151251

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