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News: Tiller Technical and Helm Operations launch expansion

Signed a new partnership agreement to help vessel operators digitalize their operations

It was reported from Perth, Western Australia on 18 November that Canadian software company Helm Operations (Victoria, BC https://www.helmoperations.com/ ) and Western Australian marine consultant Tiller Technical (Perth, WA, see:  https://www.tillertechnical.com/)  have signed a new partnership agreement to help vessel operators digitalize their operations.
As part of the partnership, Tiller Technical will use its industry expertise and local knowledge to help companies implement and use Helm CONNECT – Helm’s industry-leading harbor services and fleet management software – to modernize, digitalize, and streamline their operations.
Since launching in 2016, Helm CONNECT   (see: https://www.helmoperations.com/helm-connect-overview/) has become the world’s fastest-growing maritime software platform, now used by more than 220 companies and 4000 vessels worldwide to help manage fleet operations, including vessel maintenance, regulatory compliance, personnel management, and vessel scheduling and billing.



With Helm CONNECT already in use by many of Australia’s largest vessel operators, the partnership between Tiller Technical and Helm Operations will focus primarily on helping small and medium-sized operators take advantage of software to streamline their operations. It is reported that this service is much needed as Australian operators, like their counterparts around the world, look to move to paperless systems.

Technical Director

In the words of Tiller Technical Director, Drew Pirrit: ‘While Australia’s largest operators often have full teams dedicated to implementing new systems and improving operations, many smaller operators have traditionally lacked the resources to implement new technology to the same level.

The platform, used by more than 220 companies and 4000 vessels

‘After working closely with Helm for two years now, we’ve found that Helm CONNECT makes it possible for smaller operators to quickly and effectively implement software systems for maintenance, compliance, and complete harbor operations, bridging the gap to many larger operators.’
As an active marine engineer with over 15 years of engineering and technical management experience, Drew has worked extensively with mining and offshore support fleets in the Pilbara region, helping companies set up, manage, and support new operations by focusing on fleet reliability and supply chain management.

Built in part on that experience, Perth-based Tiller Technical has made its name in Australia as an engineering and operations support company offering safety system and maintenance plans for commercial vessels in line with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) requirements. That experience was also a major draw for Helm as it looks to expand its operations to better support operators in Australia and New Zealand.

Nolan Barclay

Nolan Barclay, CEO of Helm Operations commented: ‘Over the past two years, Tiller has been an essential partner for us in helping optimize the maintenance and compliance features of Helm CONNECT, especially from the point of implementation and crew adoption.
‘Working with Tiller, we’ve seen that it’s often the small and medium operators who can benefit the most from implementing electronic systems but making software systems work well for both management and crew is a challenge that often requires on-site training and support to achieve.
This partnership will make it possible for us to better support operators in Australia and New Zealand and give them the close support they need to be successful moving to newer, more modern systems.’

Digitalizing the entire harbor

This partnership agreement is just the start, said Pirrit, as Tiller looks to bring more technology to the industry in the year to come: ‘We see Helm CONNECT as a key platform for companies looking to optimize operations.

Call to Rethink Private Investment in Canadian Ports

It’s effective and powerful on its own but, through integrations with other new technology, it can also open doors for optimizing entire operations
.‘From integrating with telematics and onboard equipment to improve reliability, to digitalizing the entire harbour towage process from agent and order through billing, there is a tremendous opportunity to really drive innovation throughout the maritime sector here in Australia, as well as in New Zealand, and we’re excited to bring that to the table.

Captain Yoss Leclere has appointed specializing in gas carriers (LNG, LPG)

It is reported that Captain Yoss Leclere has appointed specializing in gas carriers (LNG, LPG), chemical and oil tankers. Ashore, he has had the opportunity to work and collaborate in the strategic development of several major Canadian Ports, such as the port of Metro Vancouver, the Port of Quebec, and the Port of Montreal.

Diverse projects

As the head of Port Operations in several Canadian Port Authorities, he has led and provided expertise for many large and diverse projects including infrastructure projects, port optimization and marine industry digitalization. He has represented ports on government, industry committees, and technical working groups.

Impact assessment process

Recently, as Vice-President and Chief of maritime operations for the Quebec Port Authority, he led the development of the port safety management system, including the management and optimization of inland waterways, and the implementation of the port’s environmental impact assessment process.

His role

His role as President of the International Harbour Masters’ Association enables him to work on various international maritime issues with international organizations such as IMO, ILO, IMPA, and PIANC.
Captain Yoss Leclerc holds an MBA from the University of Montreal with a specialization in logistics and transportation. He also sits on the board of Directors of the International Sailors’ Society of Canada. 

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