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News : Naval Group has unveiled its new SMX 31 E submarine concept


Naval Group has unveiled its new SMX 31 E submarine concept, integrating the latest digital technologies for reinforced operational efficiency and improved versatility. Stealthier thanks to her biomimetic covering, the ship also benefits from an unmatched electrical energy storage capacity and a new propulsion concept.

The new sub is designed to deliver upon Naval Group’s long-term vision. The French-based company said its naval architects considered operational needs expressed by its customers seeking to invest in systems that will remain technologically superior over the 30 to 40 years of ships’ lifecycles.

On the horizon of 2040, in a context of permanent surveillance of oceans, navies will have to navigate in increasingly complex environments. The objectives for submariners will be to operate freely, to share information safely and to be able to act firmly and swiftly, Naval Group expects.

With these considerations in mind, the SMX31E has been engineered as a stealthier, more autonomous and flexible solution intended to serve as a smart naval force to gain superiority in underwater battlefields of the future, Naval Group explained.

Two key intended advantages of the new design include improved stealthiness and endurance. The SMX31E’s biomimetic shape and the skin material making it stealthier against active sonar emissions, while high energy capacities and efficient energy management system allow the crew to be submerged for months.

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, this submarine offers maximal connectivity to interact with the rest of the fleet in a distributed underwater network. This new IT design enables the crew to collect and process data efficiently with remote sensors allowing them to master underwater tactical situation.

Technical characteristics of the SMX 31 E
·         Submerged displacement: 3 200 tonnes
·         Length: 80 metres
·         Armament: 24 heavy-weight weapons (naval cruise missiles, F21 torpedoes, anti-ship missiles)
·         Up to 6 UUV (533mm) + 2 XLUUV
·         Special Forces dedicated facilities (trunks, storage rooms, vehicle and weapons, grouping areas…)
·         Two rim driven electric propulsion motors
·         Crew: 15 crew members + 12 to 20 pax
·         Submerged mission: > 40 days at speed of 8 kts.

source : Marine Link 

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