Incidents :(MSC MIA) One of the largest Container Ships in the World knocked down crane in Spain

MSC MIA, a 23,000 TEU capacity, 400 meters long container ship takes out a gantry crane while leaving the container terminal at Valencia, Spain

The Crane operator was injured when 23,756 containers (TEU) capacity MSC MIA, a record-size capacity for a container ship, hit the gantry crane while it was maneuvering in the Spanish port of Valencia, on September 13th in the morning.

According to some sources, the crane operator suffered several broken ribs and a cut on his head was hospitalized, but out of danger.

The extended part of the ship’s bridge became entangled with a crane cable while it was maneuvering to leave the port for next destination, Gioia Tauro, Italy, resulting in collapsing the gantry crane.

Part of the arm of a crane also fell into the waters according to some local reports.

Later, MSC MIA was anchored at the outer anchorage of Valencia, and as of 1300 UTC Sep 13, remained anchored.

Authorities have initiated the investigation to look into this incident.

Ship, 400 meters long and more than 60 meters wide, which is about the size of four soccer fields, in a single voyage, can carry more than 47,500 cars

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