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Maersk : Inland Haulage Import (IHI) –Uganda

Batangas Dangerous Cargo Documentary Requirement

In order to keep providing you with our global services, Maersk is revising the Inland Haulage Import (IHI) for all DRY cargo to UG, effective 15th November 2020 applicable for FMC countries (USA, Guam, Virgin Island, American Samoa and Puerto Rico ) and 15th October 2020 for NON_FMC countries ( Rest of the area which is not included on FMC countries).

Also ,As per Batangas Terminal Regulations, all customers with export and import Dangerous Cargo to Batangas Terminal will be required to submit hauler’s permit to operate. 

Effective immediately, Hauler’s Permit or Permit to operate (PTPO) should be submitted to our Business Addresses seven days before Departure and Arrival of your Dangerous Cargo Shipments.

For Export:

For Import:

Non-compliance to the above additional requirement may lead to cargo not being loaded/discharge, hold of cargo release, cost and consequence remain on account of merchant.

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