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IMO : National maritime transport policy training for Timor-Leste


The Small Island Developing State of Timor-Leste is benefiting from a virtual workshop (21-24 September) on how to formulate and develop a national maritime transport policy (NMTP). The NMPT concept is being promoted by IMO as a good governance practice to guide planning, decision making and legislation in the maritime sector and as a key driver for a country’s sustainable development.

Some 20 participants from various ministries, departments, agencies and other stakeholders – who have a role to play in the preparation of a NMTP – are being taught the objectives, development process, content, implementation and updating of such a policy. The workshop was originally scheduled to be physically delivered in Timor-Leste last March but is now being delivered virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic.

This technical assistance activity is organized by IMO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transports and Communications of Timor-Leste and in close cooperation with the National Directorate for Maritime Transport (DNTM) of Timor-Leste and the German Development Cooperation, Ambero Project. The workshop is being facilitated by the World Maritime University and IMO.

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