Exclusive : Louie Noir to“ eBlue Economy “My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea

Egypt can be showcased by using the sea landscapes

By  :  Lekaa El Egeimy

Louie Noir was set up in 1984 and it has been based in Malta, Europe. Louie Noir has worked in various countries and created shows in Europe and Africa.

Louie Noir organizes and takes part in fashion shows, competitions, TV programmes, annual calendars and promotions. Louie Noir provides courses in basic and advanced modelling for the younger generation and also provides courses in Acting, Dancing, musicals and Drama School.

Louie Noir is not just an organizer and choreographer but also a fashion designer and tailor. He also makes Carnival costumes, Dresses, Theater costumes, Opera costumes and Film costumes.

Louie Noir was invited to worldwide cultural events.


Louie Noir as a choreographer has experience in Italy, Egypt and Tunisia. Competitors from different countries participated in these contests which were transmitted on several TV stations around the world.

To this day, Louie Noir works in the modeling industry as a Director and Choreographer. Using his over 36 years of experience, he coaches models how to look their best and also helps organisers to set-up their own ideas and events.

In an exclusive press interview, Louie affirmed his love for Egypt as a history and civilizationAnd he was very happy to participate in the activities of the first international festival of yachting tourism and marine sports, which was held on the sidelines of a competition Miss Mermaid in Egypt 2021

This is the first thread of the interview

What is the importance of blue colour… sea colour for fashion designers?

The colour and word blue can be used as the theme for a competition that includes ‘Best Original Dress’ which will incorporate the colours Turquoise, White and Silver to match the Blue Economy logo. Having different nationalities and cultures will show what blue means to different countries through different fabrics and designs.

How can the sea be part of our life? 

The sea is one of the most important resources that we have to be able to sustain life. It gives us a wide variety of seafood and also a beautiful underwater world to enjoy.  The sea is one of the most important and used modes of transport to deliver goods across the world and for leisure and  entertainment on cruises.

     and as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said  

“My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”



 How can we promote Egypt through sea ?

Egypt can be showcased by using the sea landscapes such as the River Nile as the background for photo shoots of the competitive models and shows. Additionally, the seaside hotels, restaurants and river restaurant boats can be promoted by the models on social media via post and live streaming.

Do you make special events by or in the sea?

We have previously held competitions that took place in the sea and pools and we can create floating catwalks in the sea. This can also be accompanied by shows of synchronized swimming in a pool or aerial and silk shows in the sea suspended by sea cranes or from land. The shows can also be performed in Theatres on cruise ships and other luxury boats if the opportunity is given.


As we know you made special events in Egypt before.  Can you tell us about your previous experience in Egypt where sea was part of these shows? 

We started performing shows in Egypt in 1998 in collaboration The shows were held in port side for multiple years and in promotion with Egyptian Brands from Cairo and port side. They provided clothes, shoes and accessories including sunglasses, bags and costume jewellery.


What is your future opinion on promoting sea or marine events?

Are you preparing or suggesting any event for Egypt?

We are looking forward to creating a new show crowning Miss Mermaid with original dresses to highlight the sea and sea life. The shows will be promoted and streamed on social media while models will post photos from the events and while are while travelling Egypt

In your opinion what sort of marine sports can we make in Egypt?

In Egypt we can create competitions and events in the sports below and award winners in addition to fashion shows.


Water Skiing Competition

Jetski Competition

Wind Surfing Competition

Synchronized Dancing



Egypt has long coasts, canals and lakes… that all year can be invested in tourism, contests and conferences.. what do you think about this?

This makes Egypt ideal for these types of events as different shows can be held all year round from sport and sea events held outside in summer and shows held inside in the winter. Additionally, fashion shows can be held on river restaurant boats can be used to show the sea during the winter months.

Is Egypt a good country for these fashion and marine sport activities..?

Egypt is a great country to hold these events especially with the sun shining for most of the year allowing for sport and fashion events to be held in the sea, lakes and hotels by the sea. Additionally, during the winter months, indoor pools can be used for synchronized swimming events.

Do you think models will like to participate in these events in Egypt?

Yes, most of the models travel the world for competitions and Egypt can attract a multitude of nationalities to compete. With Egypt’s cultures, traditions and heritage, including the Pyramids of Giza which is the only Wonder of the World that was awarded honorary status, models will be very happy to participate in events organized there.



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