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News : PACIFIC TUG BOAT service – power of Tug A.N Tillett

The 70 ft tug A.N. Tillett was built in Seattle, Washington in 1978 and was formerly named the Northern Mariner.

The vessel is owned by Pacific Tugboat Service, headquartered in San Diego and Long Beach, California. Pacific Tugboat Service is a well-known and growing west-coast marine services, dredging and construction company.

 The re-power of the A.N. Tillett with Mitsubishi engines makes for the second Mitsubishi powered vessel in their fleet with two additional coastal tugs that are also being re-powered.

The A.N. Tillett was last re-powered in 2007 during a major refit including a pair of Tier 2, 1100 hp Cat engines, Rice nozzle/triple rudder system, new generators, and other improvements. A.N. Tillett was then named after Anthony “Tony” Tillett, a beloved World War Two Veteran, Scottish Immigrant and famed Marine Surveyor, who left a legacy of decency, kindness and quiet competency and expertise.

 Our 2020 re-power used two new EPA certified, Tier 3 Mitsubishi S12RY3MPTAW-4, 1100 hp heavy duty marine propulsion engines. Pacific Tugboat Service selected the Mitsubishi engines because they provided similar horsepower and engine speed, allowing us to utilize existing shafts and propellers

The extra torque in the new 49-liter displacement Mitsubishi engines also allowed for less stress on the engines.

The simple mechanical engine controls were exchanged for the previous more complex electronic controls and will allow for easy maintenance and operation.

t Service chose Hatton Marine, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with their San Diego dealer Dee Finley Diesel Repair to supply the Mitsubishi engines and provide technical assistance to ng the repower.

PTS duriupgrade A/C system


 PTS Port Engineer Peter Walding and Port Capt Tom Ebner led our inhouse construction team to simultaneously perform extensive upgrades and maintenance to the vessel during the repower, including; new expansion tanks, build new stacks, new steering pump system, new HPO unit for an upgraded hydraulic system, two new Kohler 99E0ZCJ 100 kw gen sets, rewire complete vessel, re-design hydraulic piping, installed new gear reduction units, rebuild and replace exhaust system on generators and main engines, re-design air system in engine room, new centrifuge fuel cleaning system, upgrade electronics suite, remodel galley, crew lounge area, heads, and wheel house, replace second 500 gallon holding tank and sewage system, upgrade A/C system, design/build all new stainless mast and DC nav light system, fit new deck lights and work lights and paint entire vessel.

US Coast Guard Sub Chapter M certification was also obtained at completion of the repower/refit.

 Pacific Tugboat Service has also selected Mitsubishi S6A3-Y3MPTK3, 18.6 liter, 543 hp engines mechanically controlled engines to replace two 14.5 liter electronic controlled engines in two smaller PTS harbor tugs.

Those re-powers are underway with more to come. PTS will also add to their Mitsubishi fleet next year by selecting a new S16RY3MPTAW, 1600hp engine for the ocean tug Blarney and another pair of S12R-Y3, 1100hp engines in the tugboat Bass.

 The simple, mechanically controlled, Tier 3 Mitsubishi provides less complex maintenance as computers are not required and the big Mitsubishi displacement provides PTS vessels with more reliable power.

 The Tillett is back in full-service performing better than ever thanks to Mitsubishi, Hatton Marine, Dee Finley Diesel Repair and the Pacific Tugboat Service Team.

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