Breaking News : Norwegian project to explore data-driven energy efficiency in offshore operations

DOF, SINTEF Ocean, Kongsberg Maritime and NORCE are to partner on a new project to develop ‘Intelligent Efficiency’ technologies for offshore operations, with the aim of reducing fuel

consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while streamlining fleet-wide maintenance. Supported and sponsored by Innovation Norway, the new partners have been tasked with the development of a new predictive, intelligent dynamic guidance Decision Support System (DSS) for offshore vessel operations, which will be used by DOF to drive sustainable fleet management. “Going ‘smart’ is integral to maintaining our position as the number one OSV ship manager today and into the future, in a sustainable way,” said Lars Christian Larsen, Senior Project Manager for Energy Management, DOF. “Smart is not just deploying the right technologies.

Developing our culture to focus even more on sustainable operations with minimal environmental impact will be as important as the technology we create with Kongsberg, SINTEF Ocean and NORCE.” “DOF’s maritime experience together with the collection of Big Data in an operationally logical way will ensure success.” The project will create a platform integrating operational, information and communication technologies, collecting data from IoT-enabled smart sensors on board which will stream data to the Cloud-based DSS for analysis. “Information is power, and when that information relates directly to power consumption it can revolutionise vessel operations, from onboard electrical load management to route optimisation for passage by sea,” said Anders Valland, Research Manager, Maritime Energy Systems, SINTEF Ocean. “This is an exciting project that strengthens Norway’s position as the world’s leading offshore and maritime innovator with focus on efficient and sustainable operations.”

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